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We have two kinds of cages for the piggies. One of them is a Midwest cage, which you can buy off of or their website. We also have a homemade cage, which Terry and Anna built. You may have heard of them if you keep up with guinea pig stuff. It is made of coroplast and panels that you can make shelves out of. They made one and a half cages with it. That way, Speckles can be next to Taylor and Layla with one side of bars in between them but they can’t fight.
It was less expensive to make it than buying a Midwest cage. It is also wider than a Midwest cage.
The Midwest cage is longer and has doors that double as ramps, so you can open the door and they can walk out on their own.
I wish the coroplast cage had doors, so when I have them out of the cage and they need to go to the bathroom, they can just go back to their cage on their own.
The coroplast is easy to clean but the droppings get stuck in between the bars. That’s annoying.
I have found pluses and minuses with having both kinds of cages. It just depends on what you like.


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  1. You have done … very well with the Challenge – one letter to go.

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