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Going Back Home

I know my posts have been sporadic lately but I have a confession to make. It’s not actually a confession. It’s more like news. Are you ready? Are you ready for my big news? Are you sure?
Ok. Here it is: We are moving back to Texas in July. Whew! That felt good to let it out.
Yes, it’s true. About mid-July, the movers will come into our wonderful house and pack everything up. That part will be nice-especially since we are not getting movers from the Internet. That was a nightmare that I will save for another post.
We will be moving back to the Dallas area but on the other side of Dallas. Terry will be working in Plano, which is north of Dallas and we will be living in Frisco. If you look up Frisco on the Internet you will see that they have everything you could ever want, as far as shopping, restaurants, businesses and fun. When we went out of town recently, we flew to the area to look around. Driving down the street, we passed so many things, our brains could not take everything in. It was amazing all the stuff there!
We went to the mall, which has an ice skating rink in it, plenty of shopping surrounding it, and an Ikea behind it! Yay!
We also looked at a house, which John P. is selling. Weird, huh? Well, it turns out that we are buying it. It is smaller than the one we have now but as it says in Herbrews 13-“Be content with what you have…”. It is a nice house. I plan show it to y’all after we move.
So if I seem scattered or if my posts are scattered, it’s because I have a lot on my mind. We need to figure out what to do with the house, sell some furniture that won’t fit in the new house, have a garage sale and oh yeah, keep up with our daily routines. 😜
With a smaller house, however, and 3 less guinea pigs, I anticipate having more time to work on my blog. I will enjoy that. So hang on with me until we get through this move and then things will be more normal.
Thanks for reading.


Comments on: "Going Back Home" (3)

  1. I suppose you’re happy over moving … good for you and if it means a lot richer life even better. Congratulations … even if moving is a nightmare, headache and depression in one.

  2. In case you didn’t notice a few posts ago, we moved house 3 weeks ago & I don’t wanna do it again anytime soon. You can keep the fun of moving all for yourself. Glad you & Terry have found a new house already. The biggest hassle we had was getting the internet reconnected. It took 2 weeks for them to get it sorted due to a fault on our exchange. It still isn’t completely fixed as when we use the phone the broadband cuts out. Where do you live at the moment & how far is it from there to Frisco???.

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