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Fewer Words Thursday-Life And Conduct And Taking Responsibility

Hey, y’all! Welcome to Thursday. First, I want to thank some people. Recently, I have had some new subscribers to this here blog and I want to say, like Gomer Pyle,
“Thankee, thankee, thankee!”
You have really encouraged me to keep going and I appreciate your support. Really.
Today, I’m joining a friend, named Andrea Hutchinson, for her endless pursuit to make her words fewer. If you would like to come along with us, just link up to her blog here: May My Words Be Fewer-Thursdays,and leave a sweet comment for her. Or, if you want to leave a comment for her in my box, I’ll make sure she gets it. Anyone is invited to write their own post and link up with us. Join us! You might like it. If you don’t have a blog, you can just put your post in her comment box or mine, whichever you feel more comfortable with.

And now, on with the prompt:
Life And Conduct And Taking Responsibility:
Over the past six or more years, I had been taking Wellbutrin-or the generic version of it. Well, I discovered some problems with it. For one thing, it was draining my energy. I was sleeping 16 hours a day. I was also dehydrated, some of it from not eating and some from the medicine. I kept getting sinus infections and could not get well. I missed a lot of church, at home in bed. I did some reading and found that after a few years, Wellbutrin can no longer do it’s job and actually has the opposite effect-causing depression. I finally talked to my doctor and he took me off of it.
He put me on a different medication and I am feeling much better. I am getting back into the world. I am slowly taking back responsibility of my life-one step at a time. I have slowly gotten back into the housework and my blog. The weird thing is, since January, when I started setting some posts to publish, I started noticing more subscribers. It has been rewarding, seeing that I am reaping for the sowing, sort of.
I still need to work on the housework more, get more of a schedule. I am working out a schedule, it’s just not fully there. My family feels like I am part of the family again and obviously, they are glad to see me out of bed. Another weird thing, is that Terry had to wake me up, so I could take the medicine-or it would keep me up at night. I feel like one of those celebrities-I have to take medicine to get me to sleep and medicine to wake me up. lol
So, what is a stumbling block in your life? Is there something you need to work on? Tell us about it. Maybe we can help.

Fewer Words Thursday


It’s Thursday, once again; time for a little thing called “Fewer Words Thursday”. I join a friend named Andrea Hutchinson, who hosts this prompt, in an attempt to speak her mind in as few words as possible. Just click on the picture and you can join in the fun, too.

I did not take part in this prompt last Thursday. I was a bit overwhelmed. If you have seen my postings on Facebook, then you know why. If you haven’t, peek at the picture above.

I had been concerned lately because my youngest daughter, Anna’s female guinea pig was pregnant. Last time she was pregnant, she had the babies early and they all died. We were out of town and did not see what happened but had heardn them but I am not sure whether the mother did not clean them off, since they were dead or they died because he got to them. Anyway, we separated her from him the last few days to make sure that did not happen again.

So last Thursday, I woke up early and decided to check on Layla, the mother, because I could not go back to sleep. She had four babies during the night, which happens often, my friend told me, so when they are in the wild, they can be ready to move on if they need to; a brilliant way that God designed them. They are animals of prey, so they need to be on the alert all the time.

Three of the babies survived and are healthy and the other one looked as if it were not totally developed. I had to take care of disposing of it because Terry was out of town. He had handled it last time. I have to admit, God was taking care of me because I handled the whole thing pretty well on my own.

God was taking care of me in another way, in that a week or two after my oldest child leaves for college, I am preoccupied with new babies. How exciting!

It was like Christmas morning every morning, going into Anna’s room to see if Layla had given birth, yet. And then, finally, it was Christmas morning last Thursday. I told Anna as we were sitting there, watching Layla with her babies and she said, “Yeah. Last Christmas, I got two guinea pigs, this Christmas, I got three.”

A few minutes later, I said it again and she said, “You said that mom.”

I said, “I know but I’m still feeling it.”

A few days later, we took these pictures.

Fewer Words Thursdays-Trials


It’s Thursday again and time ro join my friend, Andrea Hutchinson, for a little writing prompt she likes to call, “Fewer Words Thursdays”. The rules are few and simple. You can click on the picture to go to her site and join in the fun. We would love to have you if you feel so inclined.
It’s funny that Andrea wanted to do her prompt on trials today because right now is kind of challenging. We left this morning to drive our daughter to college in Florida. We have stopped in North Carolina tonight and are staying at a hotel.
I’ve been having a hard time with this since she started her Senior year in high school. I am starting to wonder if I have been through part of it already because since we left, I have felt better. Or maybe I am just denying what is happening.
I loved her passage in James on trials, James 1:2-3. I have always enjoyed that passage. I do believe trials make you stronger and increase your faith. You grow closer to God and the next trial you face, you are stronger and better prepared for it because of the strength you gained from it.
The only way I am going to get through this is leaning on God. I am not ashamed to lean on Him for strength and comfort. When people say that religious people need God because they are weak, they are wrong. God makes the Christian stronger and frankly, I don’t know how I would get through my trials without Him. I do not know how I would face every day if I did not have God in my life. I do not see how people do all the time.
It is not always a leaning on God but a comfort of just knowing He is there and He will fight for me, just like He fought for David when he faced Goliath, the Israelites when they crossed the Red Sea, (not to mention, all the battles they fought and won), Daniel in the lion’s den, Paul when he was persecuted, Joseph when he was sold into slavery and put in prison and finally, Jesus, our Lord, when He lay in the tomb after His death.
If I am faithful and live like I should, why would He not fight for me?

Countdown To College Day 4/Fewer Words Thursday


It’s Thursday and you know what that means-it’s time to join a woman named Andrea Hutchinson, who I came to know on word press and can call a friend. Anyone can join in as long as you don’t have a criminal record. ūüôā
Andrea created this fun prompt with very few rules. You can click on the pretty picture and hopefully read her short list of laid-back rules.

All right, here we go. I sometimes combine categories, like today, since I am doing a countdown to the day Steph leaves us and don’t want to abandon Andrea I’m killing two birds with one stone, (and not for real).
So if you want to join us, just add your post to her comments under her post for today. And…today’s prompt is…LIGHT…in as few words as possible.
Well, I took the plunge today and did something that has intimidated me for a long time. I joined Facebook and put my blog on it, so when people come to my page, they will see my blog. I’m hoping to gain more traffic and enlightenment as I go. If I had not had my daughter, Anna, to help me, I would have been in the dark. I’m still in the dark about a lot of it.
This is also Day 4 of my Countdown To College and we are a week away from driving Steph off into the sunset. (Sniff, sniff). It’s been hard to deal with but some friends have enlightened me on the good things about it. Someone even told me last night, at church that when she comes home to visit I will be,
“Great, you’re home! Now go back.”
At this point, I cannot see myself saying that but am appreciating people shedding positive light on this.
Why do I feel like she’s dying? I trust God to take care of her and I trust her to keep “walking in the light” as the scripture says. I’m just afraid I am going to be so sad I can’t stand it.
Both of my kids are growing up and I can’t stop it. Our preacher did a lesson a few months back on kids growing up and how God gave them to us and eventually, we have to give them back. But that is SO HARD!!!
I can only ask God to shine His light on me and help me through it.

Fewer Words Thursday-Courageous Prayer

Hello again. It’s Thursday and you know what that means. Yep, it’s time for Fewer Words Thursday. I join Andrea Hutchinson from in this journey and can see that she is improving each time- not that she was bad-she’s even better. She has included a new photo to click on for the oh-so-few rules and I have copied it here, below.
Boy,did she pick a doosey, this week! She did a great post on courageous prayer, this morning. It’ was so good, I’ve spent today trying to figure out what I am going to say. This is a difficult subject for me. The subject of prayer is not difficult, but honest, courageous prayer. That prayer that I have been avoiding and am not sure what to say. It is that difficult prayer of asking God to remove anything that should not be in your life-something, maybe I want to hold onto.That might be part of my problem. I want to hold onto things in my life, my past. Why? I don’t know. It almost makes me happy, even though I am not-maybe I am just comfortable in my state.
To pray this kind of prayer takes courage and to be a Christian takes courage. It is not for the faint of heart, although that is what the world likes to think.
This prompt really struck a chord with me today. I need to let go of what is holding me back. I could be more. Thanks, Andrea, for this thought today.

Fewer Words Thursday-Peace

It’s Thursday again and time for Fewer Words Thursday. ¬†Join Andrea and I once again and click on the pretty picture for the not-so-much rules.

¬†¬†Today, Andrea was still taking on the idea fo¬†SERENITY. ¬†At the end of her post, she asked what would give me peace. ¬†I think I know the answer to that. ¬†Nineteen years ago, I got into some trouble. ¬†Some people that I had known for years would not forgive me. ¬†When I tried to talk abut how scared I was and didn’t want to deal with it, they all said, “Well, you should have thought about that before yu did what you did,” or “Well, you’ve made your bed, now lie in it”. ¬†They als told me that I deserved everything I got and I deserved to suffer. ¬†They said I didn’t deserve any sympathy, just decide what I’m going to do about it and do it.

Well, I took those words to heart and have been telling myself how I don’t deserve sympathy and I deserve to suffer for the past nineteen years. After a session with a counselor, I did some thinking and realized that maybe I don’t have to punish myself anymre. ¬†I want forgiveness. ¬†Nothing has changed for me. ¬†Inside, I am still nineteen years old and I still deserve to suffer. ¬†But why? ¬†Can’t I be forgiven now? ¬†Have I suffered long enough, yet?

I’m tired, I’m really tired. ¬†I’m tired of carrying this around with me. ¬†I’m tired of burying it because I don’t deserve to talk about it. ¬†Well, do I deserve to talk about it, yet? ¬†Am I still supposed to be punishing myself? ¬†Would they care if this kills me or would they say,”Well, she deserved it. ¬†I hope she died miserable.”?

I told the counselor that I am not angry anymore, when he told me that I had a right to be angry. ¬†I said, “I’m not angry anymore. ¬†I’m just sad.”

Then we got into a discussion abut depression and I told him that I was on two antidepressants. ¬†He said, “Do you know what depression is? ¬†It’s repressed anger.”

I stopped dead in my tracks. ¬†He told me I was still angry and thought I shouldn’t have been treated like that when I needed someone to lean on. ¬†I think he’s right. ¬†I also think I want them to tell me that they forgive me and I am reprieved in their sight.

That would give me peace.  At least, it would be a start.

Fewer Words Thursday-July 4th

Hello kiddies! ¬†It’s time for Fewer Words Thursday and you can join Andrea and I in this collaboration and include your post. ¬†Just click on the pretty picture and you can read the few¬†rules for this task.

  The prompt is: Self Reliance-feel free to write your heart away on that subject.  Today, I want to finish what I started on the 4th.  I have some pictures from that night and a small video from the most amazing fireworks display I have ever seen.

The kids were in Texas, living it up with my parents, Terry’s dad, my brother and his family, and Terry’s brothers. ¬†Needless to say, they had plenty to do¬†and eat! ¬†

They got to go to a Texas Ranger game and I was s jealous-after they went to the Wrld Series last season. ¬†I’d love t see them play. ¬†The kids and my dad also saw NOLAN RYAN in a restaurant! ¬†Ahhhhhhhh! ¬† I would have loved to see him in person. ¬†They didn’t speak to him since he put his head down when they passed his table. ¬†They got the point.

Terry and I had a lot of fun while the kids were gone. ¬†I’m ready for the kids to move out. ¬†It was so fun being just me and Terry and we could go anywhere we wanted whenever we wanted.

I did have to take care of the guinea pigs while they were gone and several times had to get help frm Terry chasing Layla around the cage to put her back in and no, I didn’t get that on video. ¬†I need my dignity. ¬†ūüôā

On the 4th, Terry and I went to Washingtn, D.C. to see the fireworks and we have never been to see them in D.C. so it was fun to experience that for the first time. ¬†Being in the Nation’s Capitol, we were surrounded by police, one officer with an M-16-not scary, and a helicopter kept flying overhead. ¬†Then again, that’s part of living in this area. ¬†You sort of get used t it.

Here are my pictures from the other night.

Living in this area, it's amazing what you're not allowed to show on camera but this is what I was allowed to show. These two guys helped us find the perfect spot to see the fireworks.

These poeple came up with a good idea to stay busy while waiting for the fireworks.These people played cards while waiting.

The beautiful Washington Monument, where the fireworks could be seen, or as the kids like to call it, the big pencil.

The huge track at the Metro station. Since so many streets were closed, we decided to take the Metro into town.

If you look in the backgrund, The White House can be seen across that street.

Me, waiting for the fireworks to start.

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