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Farewell To Speckles And Layla

I realize it has been a while since I posted but I have been in mourning. Two weeks ago, on Monday, Speckles and Layla passed away. I am not sure what killed them. It just seems to be some kind of freak something. At first, I suspected fire ants but I am not sure.
They were especially rambunctious that morning. They kept trying to run under the fence. One time, Terry had to help me gather them up in the front yard and take them back to the back yard. Now that I think about it, maybe they were trying to go there to die. I have heard of animals going somewhere else to die. I don’t know.
I had to take Terry to work, that day, because Steph had the car. She came back to the house because she was having trouble getting her driver’s license and was off again to try a second time. I sat out there with the piggies, Nibbles, too, after we got the playpen set up for the girls. Nibbles doesn’t need one because he doesn’t run away-he just sits next to their playpen. That day, however, he wasn’t sitting next to them. He was on the porch part of the day and on the other end of the back yard the other part. I thought it was odd but nothing else of it.
The girls kept knocking their water bottle off of their carrier, to the point where I got frustrated. I don’t know what was up with that.
I took Terry to work and came back home to take a nap. I was hormonally challenged, that day and felt really bad. I peeked outside and thought I saw them running around in the playpen.
I spent a little time unpacking the bedroom until I was too tired to do anymore. I had to lie down for a few minutes again and then I got up to check on them. That is when I found them. They were already starting to decompose-thinking back, that was good, so I wouldn’t take them to the Vet, thinking they could save them, and then find out they are dead. I was spared from all of that.
The whole thing was just so weird!
I still miss them a lot but sometimes I feel that it happened at the right time-whatever that meansi have not taken Nibbles back out to the back yard. I am waiting until it cools down some more.
I was going to have Speckles do another post before they died but I just haven’t had the heart since they died before I finished it. She was going to talk some more about our new pet-how he’s annoying and just thinks that the piggies are a chew toy. Anyway, here is a picture of him. His name is Xenon and he is an Italian Greyhound-a miniature Greyhound, who can be a lap dog or very hyper. Right now, he’s 3 months old and chewing on everything!




Our New Life In Texas

Hi, everybody! It’s Speckles again. Miss Holly asked me to tell you how things are going. After several nights in our new house, with nothing in it, some big guys came and brought in everything they had taken out. It seems kind of silly to me. Why not just leave it there? Anyway, they made a lot of noise but Miss Holly had taken us outside for grass before they got there. We like to to outside and we looooove our new back yard! Miss Holly just let us run around out there and then let Nibbles run around when she took us in, so we wouldn’t have any more babies.
The first day, we only ran around on the porch. We didn’t even see the grass-then Anna took us out to the grass and wow! We munched and munched and munched some more. The second day, Layla decided to go to the grass by herself but I didn’t go as far as she did. She ran over to the fence and crawled under-Anna tricked her back under.
The third day, I decided that since Layla didn’t get eaten by scary monsters, I would follow her over by the fence. There is a concrete area by the fence, where this big machine is, that is nice and cool to lay on. All was going well until the machine turned on and made a big noise. (Miss Holly says its an air conditioner.). Layla took off running and made it back into the cage on the porch. I was not so lucky. I ran after her but I ran into something, and as I was trying to get away from that, Miss Holly’s broom hit me and then I didn’t know what to do! I was panicking but Miss Holly calmed me down and helped me back to my cage. Whew! That was close. And she was laughing; I didn’t think it was very funny.
After the big guys came, our playpen was put in the back yard, so all three of us can be outside at the same time. Nibbles doesn’t run under the fence; he just eats grass around the playpen and lays down next to it. He wants to be with us.
Everything has gone well since then, when we go outside for grass and exploring-except for last Saturday, when I was kind of naughty and broke out of the playpen to be with Nibbles. The family doesn’t know if we mated or not because everyone was inside getting dressed. (That’s my little secret.) Stephanie was the tattle-tale who told Anna and she ran out and grabbed me as Nibbles was chasing me.
We are not getting as much attention as we used to because the family got another pet, who Anna likes better. She spends more time with it than with us, but Miss Holly makes sure we are not ignored. She does like the new pet, too. I don’t know why-it’s just a baby that has to be taken care of all the time. Miss Holly was spending all of her mornings outside with us but now she goes back and forth, letting the new pet out, too. I’m not allowed to say what it is-that’s for next time.
Until then, don’t forget about me-like Anna has. Well that’s not totally true-Anna does feed us during the day. OK, that’s all for now. Bye!
Here’s a picture of me eating grass in our new yard.


Moving To Texas

Hey, everyone! Speckles, the guinea pig here! Miss Holly asked me to give you an update on how we’re doing. A bunch of big people came into our house and made a lot of noise. It scared us pretty bad, so Miss Holly or Anna took us outside sometimes, for grass and to get away from the noisy people.
Miss Holly and Anna took apart our cages and put us in these smaller cages. Nibbles is fine, but Layla, my mom, keeps biting me when she gets tired of me trying to lean up against her. Miss Holly says I’m getting on her nerves, whatever that means! I’m just scared and I want my big cage back. Oh, Miss Holly says I’m getting it back soon but I don’t know that.
After all the noise, they put us in the car, in the floorboard of the back seat and rode for a reeeeally long time. Then, we went into this huuuge house and stayed in a little bitty room. I’m not sure why, since the house was so big. Miss Holly says its called a hotel. Our family turned on the tv and laughed a lot before going to sleep. Anna had to keep getting out of her bed to get Layla to be nice to me.
The next day, we got in the car again and rode for a reeeeally long time again, until we stopped at another hotel. The family talked and laughed again, except for Miss Holly-she slept and got up before everybody else. Then, she took us outside, where there was trees and flowers, and let us look at them from way high up. She says it’s called a balcony.
Then we got in the car again! We rode for a reeeeally long time again and stayed in another hotel. Miss Holly and Anna had to keep getting onto Layla for making me cry. The family was on their computers, except for Stephanie. She felt bad, took a shower and went to sleep until Anna went in the bathroom and came out again. She was upset and people kept coming into the bathroom and leaving again. Then, we all had to leave the room and go to one across the hall, and yes, Stephanie had to wake up and move to another bed. Miss Holly says it was because we had no hot water. Anna said it was because Stephanie took it all, but Stephanie said that’s not possible for a hotel.
Anyway, Anna went in the bathroom and ran the water for a while and came out all wet. I guess the hot water worked. Oh, not that the family didn’t have a shower until then. They did that in every hotel room! I don’t know why, I hate baths!
The next day, we got in the car again and rode for a reeeeally long time. Then, we stopped at our new house. The house was empty and the family spent the night in different rooms this time, on blow-up beds. I kept bugging Layla throughout the night and Miss Holly kept getting onto us.
Miss Holly wants me to stop talking now, but I want to tell you about our back yard. It’s really fun! Miss Holly wants to save that for next time. Until then, here are some pictures of our trip and the balcony we got to see.






Nibbles And Layla Come Home

Hey, y’all! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Now it’s time to get ready for Christmas. Woo hoo!
I’ve had this idea in my head for an ongoing story and I keep getting ideas about our guinea pigs, so I thought I would write them down. You’ll also notice I have a new category for these stories so you can find them easily. I was sort of inspired by Jane’s (one of my subscribers) stories about Pen and Paper. If you haven’t read them, you should, if you want to find out what that pen and piece of paper say when you’re not around. So here it is, the first story from Ongoing Piggies. Tell me what you think.

Father: (whispering to the mother) Come here. I want to show you the guinea pigs I got for Anna for Christmas. It’s two girls, about three months old.

Mother: This ought to be different than the mice. I don’t think I’ve seen a guinea pig up close.

Nibbles: Who’s that?

Layla: I don’t know. Maybe it’s someone else in the family.

(Father opens the box and mother peeks in.)

Layla: Oh good, it’s a girl!

Mother: Oh, they’re so cute! (Reaches down and pets them.)

Nibbles: How big is this family?

Layla: We’ve only seen one person, so far. We haven’t seen a mom. She must be the mom.

Mother: They’re so soft! The black one’s fur is shiny and silky.

Nibbles: (smiles) She’s pretty, just like the little girl.

Father: Do you think Anna will like them?

Mother: Oh, yeah. They’re so cute and they seem really sweet.

Father: Do you want to hold one?

Mother: Um, I guess.

Father: (picks up Nibbles and puts in her arms)

Nibbles: I’ll have her wrapped around my finger in no time.

Layla: (rolls her eyes) You and your charm.

Nibbles: (grins at her) It works on you, doesn’t it?

Mother: (gives Nibbles back to the father, who returns to the box). Ooh, I can’t wait for Anna to see them!

Layla: Just wait ’till they find out you’re not a girl.

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