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What Music Would You Recommend The Walton’s

It’s Friday and sometimes I follow Lisa Jo for 5 minute friday but I’m getting nothing from the prompt. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself, if you want.
Anyway, I did a post recently on what movies you would recommend the Walton family if you could. Now, I want to know what music you would recommend to them if you could say, “You know, there’s been a lot of great music that’s come out since your time”.
For fun, I might want to put on Megadeath and say, “This is the softest, sweetest music we have. Isn’t it great?” just to watch their faces. That would be awesome!
I may want to ease them in, playing things like Patsy Cline, and The Andrew Sisters. Elvis would have to be in there somewhere, The Beatles, and Little Richard, Nat King Cole, and Frank Sinatra. Maybe, I’d let let listen to one or two songs of The Doors, The Beach Boys, Queen, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, The Eagles, The Carpenter’s. It’s amazing to think how music has changed since then, but stayed the same. Oh yeah, they’d probably get a kick out of The Village People.
Then, I’d hit them with the eighties-Michael Jackson, Madonna (not the videos),Genesis, Huey Lewis And The News, Barbara Mandrell, Loretta Lynn, Def Leppard, Sheena Easton, Prince, Journey-and some stuff from the seventies from them. The nineties would be: Diamond Rio, Leigh Ann Rhymes, Trisha Yearwood, Deana Carter, Garth Brooks ( I wasn’t a big fan of him, but I’m trying to be fair), Celine Dion (I got so sick of her). Wow, I’ve gone blank for the nineties-then again, I had small kids and was very preoccupied. More recent music I would include are: Lady Gaga (I would have to show them a picture of her, to see their reaction), The All American Rejects, Martina McBride (I just remembered she got her start in the nineties, too), Creed, Evanescence, Kelly Clarkson, Bruno Mars, I’m starting to go blank.
Who would you recommend? I really want to know. I want to see your feedback. I left some artists out on purpose. Who should the Walton’s hear?


What Movies Would You Recommend To The Waltons

Over the past few weeks, I have been sick with a Bronchitis yucky thing. I am finally getting over it but in that time, I have had opportunities to sit in bed and watch tv. I found “The Waltons” and watched several episodes of that.
Did you ever watch it when you were a kid? That huge family happily living on the edge of poverty during The Depression and the beginning of WWII.
I started thinking about all the inventions, music, movies, books and tv shows that have come out since their time and wondered if we could bring them to our time, what movies would I show them, or what music but I can save that for another post. One thought was “The Lion King”, as we went to see it in 3D at the theater. What would they think of a movie in 3D and would they be singing along with “Hakuna Matata”?
My other thought was, “Oh, they’ve gotta see “Star Wars”!”. Jim Bob would love the flying vehicles, John Boy would love the fight between good and evil-and family.
What about you? If you could say to the Waltons, “Some great movies have come out since your time,” what would you recommend to them?
Would it be “Star Wars” or something like “The Godfather”? Or would you send them to see “Harry Potter” or “The Lord Of The Rings”? Or would you have them sit down to a good, old-fashioned “Bugs Bunny” episode or “Scooby Doo”? Or would you have them watch “The Twilight Zone” episode with William Shatner?
Send me your thoughts: I wanna know.

Where In The World Is Rockapella?

Holly Green
If you had kids that were small in the ’90s, or grandkids that were small, or you just liked to watch kids’ shows, you might remember a show called, “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?”
It was a game show with questions on geography and if you answered enough questions right, you found Carmen Sandiego and put her in jail for all the things she stole during her travels.
If you remember that show, you might remember Rockapella, the group that did the theme song for the show and said things like, “You’re welcome,” in A Capella-no instruments, just singing.
If you don’t remember Rockapella, you might remember them from a Folger’s commercial they did maybe about 10 years ago-it follows them from waking up in their apartments to singing in the street, which is how they were discovered, like this:

I read a post recently on a blog about LeVar Burton and when I went to the video link, I saw “Carmen Sandiego” on the page and watched some of their videos, bringing back good memories of when the kids were young. I went to their website and did you know that they have albums out? Who would have thunk? (I’m kidding, Roberta.)
I may have to get some. I have also found myself playing the Folger’s commercial just to hear the music. The following video had a drum solo with one of the members doing the sounds with his mouth. Truly weird and amazing! He said in an interview that he used to make sounds with his brother when they were kids and do shows. Now he makes money making those sounds with his mouth. So, to all you parents out there, who have kids that constantly make sounds for everything, maybe there’s an opportunity out there for them. 🙂

Interview With Grant James


I mentioned that I had an interview coming up. I apologize for the delay. Do you remember Mr. Gordy from Unsolved Mysteries? I posted a video earlier of a little girl, named Heidi Wyrick, who saw the ghost of Mr. Gordy, a man who died 40 years before. The story of Heidi and Mr. Gordy is being made into a movie, entitled “The Haunting in Georgia”, that will be shown on TV either on the SYFY channel or Chiller.

I met the man who plays Mr. Gordy on LinkedIn-crazy, right? I was so excited that I asked him for an interview, in which he was kind enough to provide. His name is Grant James-just rolls off your tongue, doesn’t it? So, without further ado, here is Grant James!

1)How long have you been acting?
How old are you in 2nd grade? But professionally right out of high school. That was 1953. I’m old!

2) How did you come upon this opportunity?
The way all professional actors get work. Agent sets up audition. Actor tries to dazzle Casting Director. Then tries to dazzle Director. This time it worked. It was a funny audition. Mr. Gordy has no lines! So the Director moved around with a hand-held camera saying things like,”Look frightening!”

3) Can you tell us what the movie is about?
I don’t want to spoil too much, but a family discovers their new house was once on the Underground Railroad – moving slaves from the south. There are LOTS of ghosts still hanging around. And some are not too friendly. It’s based on a true story.

4) Tell us about the role you play-Mr. Gordy.
He’s there throughout the film, scaring people away from the real danger. Heidi is the only one who sees him regularly, and actually befriends him.

5) So, Mr. Gordy is the good guy and the Shadowman is the bad guy?
As I said, I don’t want to spoil too much. But, yes……

6)Is the movie true to the real instance or is it fictionalized?
Like any film “Based On True Events”a number of liberties were taken with the true story. But the basics are there.

7) You had the chance to meet Heidi, herself. What was that like?
Astounding! I was standing outside my dressing room, and she walked up to me and said, “You’re Mr. Gordy!” Talk about getting chills! We did a lot of laughing and hugging.

8) She’s 26 now, you said. Did she say if she is still seeing ghosts?
She no longer sees ghosts. I guess the reason she did was satisfied in this encounter. Kids are still open enough to experience these things. I’m kinda sorry we grow more sophisticated.

9) Do you normally do scary movies or movies about ghosts?
I do whatever is there to do. I LIKE scary films a lot. I think they serve a real purpose. In my never-to-be-considered-humble opinion, most of us walk around a little scared all the time. In a scary movie, you can let some of those feelings out without being embarrassed. And besides, they’re fun to do. Check me out on IMDb, and you’ll find films like Monster Wolf, The Devil’s Gravestone, The Bells of Innocence, etc.

10) You had mentioned to me about seeing a ghost in your house as a child. Can you tell us about her?
I called her, The Little Woman. We lived in a very old house on Connecticut. I’d often see her in silouette at the end of a long hallway. Remember, I was very young, so the hallway might not have been that long. And, just like Heidi in “Haunting”, my parents thought I was making up an imaginary friend.

11) Was she scary? Did she do anything to you?
She wasn’t the least bit scary. I tried many times to catch her, but she was always gone. I guess she had other things to do.

Does this help? I probably should say that I do believe in ghosts – whatever they are. When I see the whole range of light,and how little of it we actually see, and the whole range of sound, and how little of it we actually hear, I have to believe there is a whole lot around here we don’t know about, and yet bump into every day.

Check out Grant James on the cable networks right now in “The Devil’s Gravestone”, where he plays a scientist, trying to find a cure for vampires. Go Mr. James!
Thank you so much for doing this interview.

Supernatural-For Family

Holly Green
I found this video on youtube from Supernatural. I saw a rerun of this episode recently and was thinking about family in general-what all you do for your family. This clip definitely shows how far Sam would have to go for family.
This is what is happening in the clip. The demon that killed their mom and Sam’s girlfriend has possessed their father and he has already beaten Sam up a little bit. He has Sam and Dean pinned to the wall and is patronizing them a bit. Their father gets the demon to unpin them from the wall and Sam goes for the colt, a weapon made in the 1800’s that can kill any kind of creature The problem is, it only has one bullet left in it.
Their father has a moment of lucidity and tells Sam to shoot it. Sam is having a hard time and I know I would too.
There is one curse-sob that Dean says to the demon after he says, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”. I apologize for that and don’t know how to take it out.
Would you be able to shoot your dad if the demon responsible for killing your mom and girlfriend was inside him?
How far could you go for family?

Supernatural-Funny Moments

Holly Green
I found a video on Youtube that has some funny moments with Sam and Dean from Supernatural-my favorite TV show-kinda like the X-Files but with 2 brothers and monsters. The first few clips are from an episode where Sam has bad luck, the next few are where Sam keeps reliving the same day, where Dean dies in different ways and the third, Dean gets “Ghost Sickness”-where you get nervous and more apprehensive until you finally hallucinate and die of a heart attack.

I couldn’t embed it but this is the address for the video. Enjoy!

Supernatural Season Finale

Holly Green
Day 21 of the 2011 Wordcount Blogathon and I am barely getting this blog post in. I know it is only 10:00 but I’ll be going to bed and and not really in the mood to do this but want to keep going with this blogathon.

I just saw the season finale of Supernatural, my favorite TV show. It came on last night, but we were having a party of sorts where my daughter had a friend over to spend the night.

For those of you who don’t watch the show. it is about two brothers, whose mother was killed by a demon in 1987 or so, when the older one was 5 years old and

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