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Sleep Lab: Part 2, post #4

By:  Holly Green

Whew!  It’s been a long day.  There is something about having to sleep twenty minutes and stay up for an hour and a half, when you

Aaron, William's supervisor, was just as friendly and knowledgeable.

just get to sleep at the very end of each time.  It feels like some sort of torture on my body but I cannot put a finger on it.  I would rather have this torture than many others.  My body feels beat but I cannot sleep.  My last test at the sleep lab did not show anything new.  Aaron said that if I fell asleep and went straight into stage 3-REM sleep, I would need to stay for another test but if not, it was my last.  I think I remember one of the guys telling me that if you go straight into REM sleep, you have narcolepsy.  I could be wrong but obviously, I don’t go straight into REM in a twenty-minute nap.

I did the same thing I had been doing-waking up for no reason.  I remember seeing this on a TV show, where a specific spot on a person’s brain lit up if they were aroused from their sleep.  I was more aware of it the last time, I think because I was trying very hard to go to sleep but every time I would start to, something would wake me up.  I’m not sure what.  That could be because I’m so tired.  I do remember, though, starting to get into a sleep and getting so relaxed that I exhaled and did not inhale-I think.  I was not noisily gasping for air but I think I had stopped breathing.  I don’t know.  That’s what the doctor is for.

I finally felt like walking around for a few minutes before my last test and found I could not communicate orally very well, either.  Aaron asked me about my blog and I was trying to explain how I broke it up into parts today-I had some trouble.  I felt bad when I told him how I was showing how tired I was getting and he, “Aww”ed me.  It did not occur to me that he might feel bad.  So, I tried to change the subject, of course, on a good string of a sentence-then, forgot what I was saying.  Aaron helped me remember by repeating his question and it jogged my memory.  Don’t you hate that?

Aaron turned out to be just as nice as William was.  I couldn’t even think to yell at him at certain times that I may have wanted to but I would not have if I had thought to.  Does that make sense?  Anyway, for example, every time he woke me up from a nap, he turned on ALL of the lights AND the TV.  The only thing I could do was make a face.  I’m not sure if he saw it.

It was nice to have a TV in my room again, the room I stayed in was just as nice as the other one.  Evidently, I lucked out because they have another sleep lab on the first floor of the building, with the same number of rooms but only two bathrooms.  I would have hated that.  They have another lab in Centreville, VA-that one being the nicest-set up like a hotel with fourteen rooms.  I’d love to see that.

Ist Class Sleep Diagnostic Center has locations in Lansdowne, Centreville, Fairfax, Vienna, Gainesville and Springfield.

Here is the website if anyone is interested:

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