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5 minute friday-I Like My Music Loud!

Hey, y’all! Guess what?! My daddy subscribed to my blog. Yayyyyyyy!
Anyway, how is your weekend going? Do you plan on seeing the movie “The Hunger Games”? Have you read the books?
I know I’m a day late but I’m gonna pretend it Friday for 5 minutes. Wanna join me? We write for 5 minutes, not worrying about grammar or spelling, or even typo’s. Then, we link up to The Gypsy Mama, who was having a problem with her linky tool yesterday, but hopefully it’s fixed. If it doesn’t work, you can just put your post in her comment box.
Are you ready for today’s challenge? Here we go…
“Do whatcha whatcha want
If you have a dream for better”
That’s the lyrics to a song on Evanescence’s new album. I listened to it 3 times in a row. I like my music loud. I love music. It runs in my blood on both sides of my family.
“I will wander til the end of time
Torn away from you”
Another Evanescence song that I have listened to and learned over the past week, playing it loud, so I can sing along with Amy Lee, who has a powerful voice. I love her voice and you can hear that she loves what she does in her songs. It’s infecting.
Do you like your music loud?
Last night, Terry was playing Pearl Jan loud and jamming along, partly because Anna was in the car with us, going to see “The Hunger Games” and she said she hates them. So what does a good father do? He turns it up and sings along. 🙂
Do you have any thoughts on Loud? You can still put them down and send them to me or the gypsy mama. Go ahead. It won’t hurt…too much. 🙂


Ch…Ch…Changes To My Blog

Hey, yall! Happy Monday! I hope y’all are not feeling like my stomach is. ☺
First of all, I would like to mention that I have a new subscriber. Woohoo!😄. This gets me up to 17! Thank you. I have had my blog for a year and because it is so diverse, I think is the reason why it is taking a little longer to develop some readers.
To my readers who have been around for a better part of that year, and are still with me, thank you. You are the reason I didn’t quit. I hope you stay with me for a long time to come.
You may have noticed some changes I have made to my page: (more…)

5 minute friday-For Megan


Hey, y’all ! It’s Friday, and every Friday I hook up with another blogger, named Lisa Jo, from South Africa, to do a fun little exercise called 5 minute friday. Anyone is welcome to chime in, just add your post to the link above or click on the button on my sidebar. The rules are simple: write for five minutes without stopping to check it on the word that she gives you, link it up to her blog, and visit the link before yours and leave a nice comment.
This week, I wanted to do something different for my post. There is a couple I know, in Texas, whom I have known since I was a little girl. I just found out today, that their 15-year-old daughter is sick with a pancreatic disease and has been in the hospital. Her name is Megan, and I want to dedicate this post to her. So, here we go:
You have been aching a lot lately but not for naught. You might still be aching but the aching makes you stronger. When you were little, you may have had a toothache or a headache. Maybe you even had an ear infection. That aches really bad. Even though it aches, the next time you ache, you will be stronger and better able to deal with it.
As you get older, you will ache again. At some point, you will experience heartache but your experience with this illness has helped you build up defenses, that will help you through. At some point, a boy will break your heart but when you’re older and your children break your heart, you will have the experience and strength to get through.
God knows what He is doing when He sends us aches and pains. He is getting us ready for things to come and we grow closer to Him if we lean on Him.
Get well, sweet one and tell your parents that they will be OK! Too.
Well, time’s up. Do you have any thoughts on Aching? If so, click my button and add them to my comment box, if you like. Any prayers for Megan King would still be appreciated. Thanks.

5 minute friday-Delight

It’s Friday! Did you make it? If you’re here, I guess you did. Good for you. On Fridays, I join a woman in South Africa, named Lisa Jo and she does a not-so-little thing she likes to call “5 minute friday”. The rules are simple: write for 5 minutes, no stopping, no editing, no checking to see if it’s just right (although, I catch myself doing it every time). Then, link (more…)

5 minute friday-connected

It’s Friday, and on this here blog, I usually connect with a woman in South Africa, named Lisa Jo (I don’t know her last name, or I’d tell you.)
It is a day to lie back and take it easy with the grammar rules-as you can see, I’ve already done-and write for five minutes. No stopping, no checking to see if you spelled that word right, and no hesitating to rewrite that sentence.
Today’s prompt is: Connect.
Today is a very exciting day because my daughter is flying home from college for Christmas-no connecting flight needed. Hopefully, we will connect while she is here. I can see that she is changing and maturing into an adult and I am not going to try to stop it because it makes me so proud.
During the past year, I have connected with some really neat people and their blogs-Jane Rivera, Andrea Hutchinson, Ivar, Ula, Bret and others. Forgive me if I forgot to mention you.
I see lots of lights in the neighborhoods that connect us with the light and not the dark.
Your turn. Wanna try writing for five minutes and link it to the gypsy mama?
Give it a try. It might be as hard as you think. It’s only five minutes.

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