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S Is For Speckles

That is a photo of Speckles with her baby, Herbie, before he was weaned. Speckles is Anna’s favorite of Layla’s babies. Anna named her Speckles because of the speckles on her face. She is very sweet.
If I let her out of her cage while I clean it, she walks over my feet. I love it! She runs around for a while and comes back to see if I am finished. When we come up to her cage, she gets up on her hind legs for a few seconds while holding onto the bars with her front paws. She’s so sweet!
She was a very good mother to Herbie when he was born. She was very protective of him and fed him every few hours.
Here are a few pictures of Speckles being cool and cute-ideas from Anna-






M Is For Meatball (Sweetpea)

You’ve seen the photo above-Layla’s babies-the one on the front right, with the stripe on her head, is Meatball or Sweetpea. We think she was the runt of the babies.
She first was named Meatball because she and Taylor were always huddled together for warmth, as babies sometimes do. So naturally, they were Spaghetti and Meatball. Anna and her friends named them but changed Taylor’s name. Meatball remained the same.
We have a family, who we are friends with at church, who kept Layla and Nibbles for us for a week. We went to take our daughter to college and left our piggies in good hands, since this family has owned piggies before.
When we returned, I offered to give one of the babies to them, when they were born. My friend became very excited and requested “the runt” when they were born.
Meatball seemed to be last in line for everything-food, the water bottle but she always waited patiently for her turn.
I had the privilege to keep her over Thanksgiving break while their family went out of town and Meatball was just as she could be. She was definitely the smallest out of the three.
I have been told and witnessed for myself, that she is happy with them. They take her outside every day that it is warm enough for grass. She eats to her heart’s content. Her cage has a top on it, which lifts off for easy access. They put bricks on it to make sure no predators can get to her.
We went over to their house about a month ago and brought Speckles with us. I was excited because I thought they would get along but Speckles did not seem too happy because her ears were flat against her head, when Sweetpea’s were up and interested. Oh well!
She goes by Sweetpea, now, which fits her perfectly. I cannot describe how sweet she is. It’s so good to know that she went to a good home and that we are friends with her new owners. Now, if we can just find a home for Theo and Herbie…


These two pictures were taken the day before we gave Sweetpea away. She was about eight weeks then.

Fewer Words Thursday


It’s Thursday, once again; time for a little thing called “Fewer Words Thursday”. I join a friend named Andrea Hutchinson, who hosts this prompt, in an attempt to speak her mind in as few words as possible. Just click on the picture and you can join in the fun, too.

I did not take part in this prompt last Thursday. I was a bit overwhelmed. If you have seen my postings on Facebook, then you know why. If you haven’t, peek at the picture above.

I had been concerned lately because my youngest daughter, Anna’s female guinea pig was pregnant. Last time she was pregnant, she had the babies early and they all died. We were out of town and did not see what happened but had heardn them but I am not sure whether the mother did not clean them off, since they were dead or they died because he got to them. Anyway, we separated her from him the last few days to make sure that did not happen again.

So last Thursday, I woke up early and decided to check on Layla, the mother, because I could not go back to sleep. She had four babies during the night, which happens often, my friend told me, so when they are in the wild, they can be ready to move on if they need to; a brilliant way that God designed them. They are animals of prey, so they need to be on the alert all the time.

Three of the babies survived and are healthy and the other one looked as if it were not totally developed. I had to take care of disposing of it because Terry was out of town. He had handled it last time. I have to admit, God was taking care of me because I handled the whole thing pretty well on my own.

God was taking care of me in another way, in that a week or two after my oldest child leaves for college, I am preoccupied with new babies. How exciting!

It was like Christmas morning every morning, going into Anna’s room to see if Layla had given birth, yet. And then, finally, it was Christmas morning last Thursday. I told Anna as we were sitting there, watching Layla with her babies and she said, “Yeah. Last Christmas, I got two guinea pigs, this Christmas, I got three.”

A few minutes later, I said it again and she said, “You said that mom.”

I said, “I know but I’m still feeling it.”

A few days later, we took these pictures.

Lagging In Posting

I know it’s been a while since I have posted on here. Terry and I have been sick with what we suspect is food poisoning. It hasn’t been fun. Something else happened this week, making things around here kind of crazy. Here’s why:




Thursday morning, I came into Anna’s room, where we had Layla separated from Nibbles, the father. Anna had her set up in a drawer, which she didn’t seem to mind. We had bought a basket that could double as an igloo and Layla liked to sleep under it.
Layla made the little rumbling noise that guinea pigs make when they are scared. She would made it every time I entered the room, so at first, I thought things were the same. When I lifted up the basket, I thought she was still pregnant because it was dark but then I saw movement. I looked closer and saw three babies poking out from under her.
“Oh, Layla,” I said.
She looked at me like, “Please don’t hurt my babies.”
Layla had the babies sometime during the night, which happens a lot. She had already cleaned them off, so we missed that part. One baby was dead-it looked as though it was not fully developed. That is all right because we still have three healthy babies that Layla is feeding and taking care of.
Those photos were taken a few hours after we discovered the babies, so they were still in their first day of life. Guinea pig babies are born with eyes open, fur, teeth and the ability to walk. They follow her everywhere. One always lags behind, the runt, I think. The second day, it kept getting separated from it’s mother and would start squeaking really loud. Sometimes, Anna, my daughter, would pick it up and put it back in line with the others. They actually move in a single-file line. It is so cute!
So, please forgive the lagging in posting. Having babies is truly life-changing.

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