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Jack The Ripper Fact-Fridays

Jack The Ripper suspect, James Kelly was born on this day, as well as Adolph Hitler. His birthday is listed as May 26 by his mother, 15-year-old Sarah Kelly, an unwed working-class girl, who registered a false birthdate and did not list the father-a clerk named John Miller-who abandoned her upon finding out that she was pregnant.

Acrostic For My Dad

My dad’s birthday was the other day but my parents were on a cruise until yesterday. I wanted to post this acrostic for him for his birthday.
Would act out Bert and Ernie with me
Eager to help
Still married to my mom
Loves the Lord
Instilled my love for God
Everlasting love

Sings silly to their cats
Can do several voices
Big heart
On time every time
Retired CPA at Bell Helicopter
Oven master
Undying loyalty
Good man
Has taught many Bible classes and filled in for the preacher at church

Happy birthday, Daddy

Anna’s 13th Birthday

Holly Green
Day 23 of the 2011 Wordcount Blogathon but more importantly, my youngest daughter, Anna was born 13 years ago at 1:47 Central time and 2:47 Eastern time, which we live in now. Anna doesn’t know this yet but tonight at Steph’s band concert, with Steph working it out with her Jazz Band, they are going to play Happy Birthday to her. Boy, is she going to be surprised! Yeah!

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