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Smurfs Debate Part 2: The Gold Standard


Moderator: Welcome back to our debate. I’m Rhett Bear and if you’re just joining us, Papa Smurf, Brainy Smurf and Smurfette are debating various topics.  Let’s move on.  Our next topic has people worried.  It concerns the value of the dollar.  It has been mentioned, lately, that we should go back to using silver and gold in our buying and selling.  What do you think of this?  Should we use it?  Why or why not?  Papa Smurf, we’ll start with you.

Papa Smurf: (smiles knowingly) Well, I remember when people used gold and silver to buy and sell and I think it worked out better than the dollar.  The rate of the dollar just keeps raising, to where it isn’t even worth anything anymore.  I think we should start over with silver and gold.

Moderator:  Thank you, Papa Smurf.  Brainy, what do you think?

Brainy Smurf: Well, as Papa Smurf said, the dollar just isn’t worth anything, anymore.  You can’t get anywhere with it.  I don’t think we should use silver and gold, that’s just too old fashioned.  It’s for old fogeys.

(Papa Smurf clears his throat loudly)

Brainy Smurf: Well, it is, Papa Smurf.  People don’t want old and washed up things.  They want new things.

Papa Smurf: Are you suggesting I’m old and washed up?

Brainy Smurf: Well, you said it, Papa Smurf.

(Outcry from the audience of mixed reactions)

Moderator: All right, all right.  Calm down.  Back on the subject, Brainy.

Brainy Smurf: Ah, yes!  Of course.  I think we should use Smurfberries in our buying and selling.  They’re very valuable and there’s no way they will lose their value.  Forget this dollar and silver stuff.  Smurfberries will work out best and everyone will appreciate a good smurfberry as payment.

(A combination of claps and boo’s are heard from the audience)

Moderator: Smurfette, what do you think?

Smurfette: Oh, Mr. Bear, I don’t think we need anything at all.  In our village, everyone works hard and does his or her job.  We don’t need to pay for things.  We have everything we need and we share what we have with others.  Everyone worked hard to build the bridge in our village and we worked together.  No one was paid for it.

I think if everyone gets along and shares with each other, we won’t have to buy anything.

(Audience bursts into laughter)

Moderator: (laughing) I don’t know if that will work in our world, Smurfette.  There are too many dishonest people in the nation and they will steal everything they can.

Smurfette: Well, they shouldn’t because that’s bad.

(Audience laughter increases)

It is!  We don’t need a standard.  We should just share!

(Audience is so loud, Smurfette cannot be heard over the laughter)

Smurfette: Oh, boo hoo!  Why is everyone laughing at me? Oh, boo, hoo, hoo!  Boo hoo!  Boo hoo!

Moderator: We have to take a break but we’ll be back with part three of this debate.


Stay tuned for the 3rd and final portion of the debate.  Will Smurfette ever be consoled?

Also, be sure to vote for your choice of smurf as president, in November.


If The Smurfs Ran For President…

Moderator: Good morning, and welcome to our debate. It’s been a close race and our candidates will answer questions on issues that are important to us. Let’s start with our first candidate, Smurfette. Why should we vote for you?
Smurfette: Thank you, Mr. Moderator. I think we need a woman’s touch, because girls get things done and with finesse (primping her hair).
Moderator: Thank you, Smurfette. Let’s move on to Papa Smurf, who looks like he’s about to come out of his shoes.
Papa Smurf: Yes, well, obviously I should be president because I am Papa Smurf and I am the oldest and wisest one here.
Moderator: Thank you, Papa Smurf. Brainy, how about you?
Brainy Smurf: Well, everyone should vote for me because I am the smartest smurf and I knew Papa Smurf was going to say that because like I always say…
Moderator: Thank you, Brainy. We need to move on. Smurfette, what do you stand for?
Smurfette: I think there should be more love in the world and part of that entails getting rid of Gargamel. If he is out of the picture, then we can strive for world peace.
Grouchy Smurf: (From the audience). I hate world peace!
Moderator: Papa Smurf, what do you stand for?
Papa Smurf: I think the smurfs should be more organized in their daily rituals. There are too many little smurfs smurfing around when they should be working. That leaves room for Gargamel to attack us because we are not alert. I have a plan to defeat Gargamel once and for all.
Grouchy Smurf: (From the audience) I hate Gargamel!
Moderator: Brainy Smurf, what do you stand for?
Brainy Smurf: Well, I agree with Papa Smurf. There are too many smurfs not doing their jobs and there is a lot of work to be done on any given day. I too, have a plan to defeat Gargamel and we need someone with brains stamp him out and get rid of the evil polluting our land. (Raising his finger) He does not belong anywhere near our home and like I always say…
(From the audience) Boooooooo!!!
Moderator: Everyone calm down. Well, there you have it. We look forward to hearing more from the candidates as the election draws near. I want to extend a warm thank you to each of the candidates for joining us and we will see you back here, soon.
Smurfette, Papa Smurf, Brainy Smurf: Thank you.

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