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Jack The Ripper Fact-Fridays

Ripper suspect, Queen Victoria’s grandson, may have followed King Edward VII to the throne but sadly, he died of Influenza during the epidemic of 1891-1892. Other sources say he died of Typhoid Fever. And then, there is the rumor that he died of Syphilis. No one is sure how he died but many rumors surround his death.
Prince Albert Victor was engaged to be married to Princess May of Teck but died before they could be married.
Princess May of Teck would go on to marry his brother, George Duke of York, and become the Queen Mary.

Farewell To Speckles And Layla

I realize it has been a while since I posted but I have been in mourning. Two weeks ago, on Monday, Speckles and Layla passed away. I am not sure what killed them. It just seems to be some kind of freak something. At first, I suspected fire ants but I am not sure.
They were especially rambunctious that morning. They kept trying to run under the fence. One time, Terry had to help me gather them up in the front yard and take them back to the back yard. Now that I think about it, maybe they were trying to go there to die. I have heard of animals going somewhere else to die. I don’t know.
I had to take Terry to work, that day, because Steph had the car. She came back to the house because she was having trouble getting her driver’s license and was off again to try a second time. I sat out there with the piggies, Nibbles, too, after we got the playpen set up for the girls. Nibbles doesn’t need one because he doesn’t run away-he just sits next to their playpen. That day, however, he wasn’t sitting next to them. He was on the porch part of the day and on the other end of the back yard the other part. I thought it was odd but nothing else of it.
The girls kept knocking their water bottle off of their carrier, to the point where I got frustrated. I don’t know what was up with that.
I took Terry to work and came back home to take a nap. I was hormonally challenged, that day and felt really bad. I peeked outside and thought I saw them running around in the playpen.
I spent a little time unpacking the bedroom until I was too tired to do anymore. I had to lie down for a few minutes again and then I got up to check on them. That is when I found them. They were already starting to decompose-thinking back, that was good, so I wouldn’t take them to the Vet, thinking they could save them, and then find out they are dead. I was spared from all of that.
The whole thing was just so weird!
I still miss them a lot but sometimes I feel that it happened at the right time-whatever that meansi have not taken Nibbles back out to the back yard. I am waiting until it cools down some more.
I was going to have Speckles do another post before they died but I just haven’t had the heart since they died before I finished it. She was going to talk some more about our new pet-how he’s annoying and just thinks that the piggies are a chew toy. Anyway, here is a picture of him. His name is Xenon and he is an Italian Greyhound-a miniature Greyhound, who can be a lap dog or very hyper. Right now, he’s 3 months old and chewing on everything!



Ecclesiastes Chapter 2-Wealth Is Vanity

I’ve started a series of posts on the book of Ecclesiastes, where the writer says “life stinks” and “what’s the point?”. In chapter 2, he talks about experimenting with toys that you can acquire in life and what he found out.
Get your Bible because I may not list every verse in these posts. Ecclesiastes can be found halfway through the Bible after Psalms and Proverbs and before The Song of Solomon and the prophets. Let’s begin.
The first 3 verses is sort of a summary of his findings. Do you remember in school, when you had to write a five paragraph paper and the first paragraph you had to summarize what it was about? That’s what he is doing, here. He has one advantage that we don’t have-the wisdom God gave him. He still found it to be vanity.
Verses 4-8 talk about all the things that he acquired-houses, vineyards, gardens, parks, slaves, flocks and herds, silver and gold, singers and concubines. That’s a lot of stuff! You would think he was the happiest man on earth, but all this did not make him happy. In life, we think that if we just get that new car we want, that new and bigger house or whatever else you may want, that we’ll be happy. You know what? I finally got a large, new townhouse a few years ago, and it did not give me the happiness I thought it would. In fact, I was let down after the excitement wore off and I am less happy than I was in the townhouse we had before this one. It was brand new and kind of big, but we were renting it and we needed to buy something to stop throwing money out the window. When I saw this one we’re in now, I was no longer satisfied with the one we had, and thought if we bought this one, I would be totally satisfied. I have actually been depressed.Go figure!
Verse 9-“Then I became great and increased more than all who preceded me in Jerusalem. My wisdom also stood by me.”
The wise man’s wealth and status grew-a lot of people want to be great in this life-but does it bring them happiness?
Verse 10-“Amd all that my eyes desired I did not refuse them. I did not withhold my heart from any pleasure, for my heart was pleased because of all my labor and this was my reward for all my labor.”
This makes me think of a kid in a candy store. What if, when you were a kid, someone took you to a candy store and said,”Go up and down every aisle and get whatever you want.”
You would take off, wouldn’t you? I know I would have. I still might today-but I would grab mostly chocolate-I don’t like the other stuff anymore.
My parents have given me money in the past, for Christmas or my birthday. It is fun to shop and decide what to buy with money just handed to you. What if you earned it? For years now, I have been wanting to make some money with my writing and have the satisfaction that I earned it. It seems more satisfying if you earn money from a job well done. I have a list of things I want to get-a new kitchen table, for one, to match the decor.
This also sounds like many celebrities, not withholding any pleasure from themselves-we can see that in the news. Does it last forever? Look at verse 11.
Verse 11-“Thus I considered all my activities which my hands had done and the labor which I had exerted, and behold all was vanity and striving after wind and there was no profit under the sun.”
I would take that to be a “no”. After getting all those things for himself-vanity and he had no profit. What a letdown! We expect more from our toys than that, don’t we? Shame on those toys!
Verses 12-17 are poetic in nature as he describes weighing fun with wisdom. In verse 12, he asks about the man who will come after him. He will probably not be satisfied with what the wise man did and will want to do it himself. You don’t want the hand-me-down, you want the new thing.
In verse 14, he compares the fool and the wise man with light and darkness. If you walk around in the dark, you can’t see what you are doing and you end up doing dumb things, like running into the wall or knocking over a lamp, when you could just turn on the light. At the end, however, they will meet the same fate-no matter what they do in this life.
In verse 15, he asks himself why he has been wise because what’s the point if he is just going to die. In verse 17, he hates life because his work was grievous and everything was vain. Have you ever felt that way?
In verses 18-21, he basically says that life is not fair and he was in despair. He mentions the man who will come after him-will he be wise or foolish? Will he take care of what the wise man acquired? The wise man will have no control over his things after he is dead and it is not fair to have to hand over your things that you worked for to someone else. Sometimes I wonder who lives in my grandparents’ house and if they take care of it? My grandparents worked hard to build the house and took care of it for 50 years. It is only fair for the next person to take just as good care of it. It seems like people don’t take as good of care of things handed down to them, as opposed to working for it themselves.
Verse 22-He repeats his question of the vanity of life.
Verse 23-“Because all his days his task is painful and grievous; even at night his mind does not rest. This too is vanity.”
Have you ever lain awake, thinking about some project?
Verses 24-26-the wise man says that we should live our life and appreciate what we have because everything we have is a gift from God. He says if you don’t have God in your life, you can’t be happy. Think of all the celebrities who had it all and ended up committing suicide because their life was empty without God. So true. What is it worth without Him?

The First Time I Faced Death

I have a friend, who would like me to talk about a car accident I was in, where I could have died but did not, obviously because it was not my time. I am not trying to be vain; there is only one person in my life, who I would love for this person to say,”Yes, that was a bad accident and yes, you were hurt bad.” Everyone else does not need to say anything. It’s OK.
So, here we go.
It was the morning of January 9,1991, and I woke up early. I was sick, come to find out, I had a respiratory infection. It was the week before finals and I wanted to get to the doctor and get better, so I would not have to make them up. I felt too bad to drive and wanted someone to drive me. My dad could not take me because he had a meeting. My mom was a teacher and could not take me, so that left my brother.
I got ready quickly and paced the floor nervously. I just wanted to hurry up and get there; I did not know why. Deep down, I knew I was not going to make it to the doctor that day.
My brother got ready and we headed out the door to get into his Ford Probe, which he had only had for six months, having saved up for it for quite a while. Poor guy.
I opened the door and hesitated before I got in.
Then, I thought, “Why’d I do that? Oh, well.”
The quiet was bothering me and I asked why the radio was not on, seeing that my brother and I both love music and he normally had it on.
“I don’t like to listen to the radio in the morning,” he answered.
“Great,” I thought.

In a little town just South of us, called Mansfield, a man woke up and found that his wife was not in bed. He knew where she was and where the boyfriend lived. They must have known each other pretty well. They both had matching trucks.
He went to the boyfriend’s house and found them in bed together. He was so angry, he said he was going to kill them. Naturally, they ran. They got into the boyfriend’s truck and took off. The husband got into his truck and followed them. He chased them for about fifteen to twenty minutes to Arlington, where we lived and they got off the highway at a two road exit: Kelly Perkins/ Kelly Elliot. They took the first exit, Kelly Perkins.
They raced down the road in the left lane, while followed behind in the right lane. He eventually caught up with them and and rolled down his driver’s side window. He then reached his arm out the window, trying to reach her door, so he could open it and, in our Texas word, “yank” her out of the truck. The couple sped up and ran a red light.
About this time, we were coming up a hill and getting ready to turn onto I-20 W, toward Ft. Worth. My brother was going about 40 mph and the couple in the truck was going about 60 mph. We saw them fly through the intersection, in which we had not reached yet, and I said, “Look at that car!”
Their truck tapped a woman’s car on the side, the street was wet from rain, earlier that morning, and it sent them spinning. I still remember the sound. I was getting ready to turn around in my seat and watch them go spinning past us but before we knew it, the truck was in the middle of the road and heading toward our side of the road. I made a small sound, not really a scream and my brother slammed on the brakes, swerving as hard as he could. We swerved almost off of the road but the truck still slammed into us: their back end hit our front end, pushing the bumper back into the dashboard and the dashboard back toward us. My brother hit his head on the windshield and the dashboard broke his knee where the ligament attaches to the bone. We still have pretty pictures of his hair hanging in the windshield. That is the only time in my life that I have been thankful to be short.
My first reaction was, “Wow, that was a really loud sound. It was so loud it hurt my head.”
I had just been praying really fast that it would not hit us. Right. I kind of knew it was pointless but worth a try in that second.
Next, I felt myself being pulled forward by an incredible force. I was thinking that the force was so strong that not even Arnold Schwarzenegger could pull me that hard. It was 1991 and he was still doing movies.
Suddenly, I realized that I was going to hit the windshield and was terrified that the seat belt would not work and would not be able to stop it. I was imagining all of these little bitty pieces of glass in my face and desperately thinking, “I really don’t want that!”
I only had a second to be afraid of that because when I went forward the seat belt locked. Those things really work! My brain knew that I was being thrown forward hard enough that I should have gone through that windshield. Thank God for seat belts.
I don’t remember at what point but I felt my brain sloshing around inside my head like Jell-o. Yes, I said Jell-o. It wasn’t painful; just weird. I could tell that there was space between my brain and my skull and I did not know that. I always thought is was right up against the skull but I now know that God allows a little room for things like this.
I could measure the space between the two and I thought, “That’s sooo cool!”
At some point the breath was knocked out of me. I think the seat belt knocked it out of me. It saved my life but could have killed me at the same time. I could only inhale and the pain in my head shot down my spine. It felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest, the pressure on it was so strong.
I was aware of the pain in my back and it was terrible! How bad was it? When I was in labor with Anna, I had back labor. When the contractions reached the highest point, I remembered being in that much pain before: on the day of the accident.
Everything was black and there was no light anywhere. I know because I looked in all directions. It was the blackest black I had ever seen. I became aware that I was somewhere: a location not of this world. A feeling of peace came over me. It felt like I had one foot on consciousness and one foot on unconsciousness; one foot on life and one foot on death.
It was black, I was in so much pain; yet, I had this “no cares, no worries” feeling. I had never felt so good before. So calm.
I figured that was what it felt like to be dead. Doctors will tell you that it is something released in your brain when you can’t breathe to make you feel better. You can think whatever you want but I felt like I was somewhere.
I tried to cough to let out the air and that did not work. I also tried to force the air out, like when you are exercising and start to get winded-blowing the air out. That did not work either. I then realized it was not up to me whether I lived or died. My life did not pass before me but I was thinking, “I’m not going to go to the doctor today. I’m not going to go to school today. I’m not going to go to flute choir tomorrow. I’m not going to take my finals. I’m not going to graduate. I’m not going to go to college. I’m not going to get married. I’m not going to have kids. I’m going to die right here, on a street.”
I weighed my options and knew that my back was hurt bad. People have told me that before they got to the hospital they knew their bone was broken. You know your body. I knew I would not be well in three or six months. I knew I would be in a lot of pain for a long time. On the other hand, I had this wonderful feeling of peace. I could die and keep feeling this feeling and no longer feel the pain. It did not take very long for me to make the decision. I wanted the easy way out.
“If only my parents could feel this, they would be so happy for me!” I thought.
I could feel that my mouth was wide open and I was clutching my chest. “I hope I don’t freeze like this,” I thought. “My parents would think I died in agony. They would not know that I felt so good at the same time.”
“OK,” I said. “I’ve made my decision. Somebody come get me because I don’t know where to go.”
Nobody came.
“Well, don’t just leave me here. I don’t like it here.”
Seems like there was a few seconds that I don’t remember but after that, I heard my brother call my name and ask me if I was OK. I still couldn’t see anything and did not want to tell him “no”. A couple of seconds later, I could feel the pressure lifting off of my chest and the pain dropped several levels. I was able to see. My brother asked me again if I was OK and I continued to feel the pressure lifting off of my chest. I also heard this noise, almost like a whistle, rising in my chest. It seemed pretty loud. It came up my throat and then, I was able to breathe.
I asked my brother later if my eyes were closed and he told me that they were open wide and my mouth was open about as wide as it would go.
So, it was not because my eyes were closed that it was dark. I have heard that you lose your sight when your oxygen is cut off and I dare say that my oxygen was cut off.
I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed when I realized I was going to live. I did want the easy way out.
The scene in the middle of the street was interesting, to say the least. The husband was stupid enough to stop at the scene and they were all three standing in the street, screaming at each other.
The episode at the hospital was ridiculous, too. Note: if you are ever in Arlington, Texas and need to go to the hospital, and they want to take you to Arlington Memorial Hospital, run. Run as fast as you can. If you can’t run, beg them to take you somewhere else if you value your life.
Don’t just take my word for it: besides mine, I have heard all kinds of stories about things that went wrong at this hospital. It’s no wonder that a cemetery sits across the street from it. 🙂

Our #1 Enemy Is Dead, Dead And Still Dead!

Day 2 of the 2011 Wordcount Blogathon and something HUGE has happened, making it easy for me to have something to blog about.  I was considering blogging about different topics than I usually talk about and today-I definitely have something to talk about:

I don’t know if  you have heard before now but if you have not, we have been told by President Barak Obama, himself, that Navy SEALS located Osama Bin Laden in a compound built for him, near the capitol of Pakistan and carried out a successful raid on it.  No Americans were injured and Osama Bin Laden is DEAD!

I have been watching FOX news and have seen a drawing or layout of this three story house that he was living in.  It is being called a mansion.  He was (more…)

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