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N Is For Nibbles (The Little Man)

Nibbles and I have a special connection. I call him “the little man” because he is a man in human terms and he is little. We also call him “Houdini”.
Wanna know why?

We had to start putting the top on his cage after he figured out how to escape from it. That silly boy!
He just wants to see the girls. He seems to have a problem with that. Every time I let him out of the cage, he goes straight to the girls’ cages and hangs out. He does run around a little bit but he always goes back to them.
He was one of the first two piggies we got-who was supposed to be a girl. I read later, that pet stores lie to you often, when you buy the guinea pigs. What’s the point of that? Aren’t you going to find out eventually?
Anyway, Nibbles whines when I go up to see them, putting his paws on the door of his cage, ready to go out. He knows I’ll give in. He’s a funny boy. He’s also my favorite, if you have not figured it out, by now.
Here’s a picture I took of him, when I had him on a blanket next to me, while I worked on my blog. I like this one because it looks like he’s smiling. He probably is. Sometimes, the piggies just want to be with you.



Jack the Ripper Fact

Suspect James Kelly escaped from Broadmoor Asylum, after being sentenced in 1883, by making a key out of a piece of metal he found in the garden of the asylum that they had him working in. He spent months making it after memorizing the shape he saw on the guards’ keys.

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