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W Is For What’s Wrong With Nibbles?

Hey, y’all! I am surviving another day of this challenge and it is almost over. I was going to talk about piggies wheeking when they are fed but I could not get a good video of them doing it.
Instead, I’m spending a little time talking about Nibbles, my favorite out of the bunch. He has something wrong with him and I’m not sure if it is his teeth or a respiratory infection.
He breathes heavy and is not eating much. He gets excited at feeding time but doesn’t eat as much as the other piggies. When I held him, the other day, I noticed that the hair under his chin was sticky, like it had been wet and had since dried. That can be a sign of drooling, I think. If his teeth are overgrown, he could be drooling from that.
He also has a stuffy nose but no coughing or sneezing. Maybe it’s from breathing with his mouth open. Tonight, he looks scared to be handled. It’s like he knows he needs treatment and is afraid. Who knows?
I have read all kinds of terrible stories on the Internet about piggies having tooth problems and dying from complications or from the anesthetic if a procedure has to be done. If his teeth need to be filed they will knock him out for that.
I am taking to a different vet tomorrow than I usually take him to, one that is in Fairfax and specializes in exotic pets-which is what Nibbles is. I just hope it doesn’t cost too much and that it doesn’t end up harming him worse. I only want him to be rid of this once and for all-it’s been going on for months-with 2 trips to the vet already.


V Is For Vegetables

Welcome to the 25th day of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Today, we look at the letter “V” and that stands for vegetables. Guinea pigs have a wide assortment of veggies that they can eat. Layla loves lettuce to the point that she will take it away from Taylor and go to a corner to eat it.
Nibbles loves celery. The other boys love bell peppers and all of the piggies love chard.
We also give the piggies parsley from our garden. I wonder what would happen if we let them loose in our garden? 🙂
Actually, that would be bad because we have chives in there and piggies cannot have chives.
Anyway, join me tomorrow when we dissect the letter “W” and Terry demonstrates how he aggravates the piggies.

F Is For Fruit

The good thing about feeding food from the refrigerator to your guinea pigs is if it is is no longer fresh you can feed it to them before it goes bad. You can also feed them the parts that you would normally throw away. We can feed them the heads of strawberries along with the rest of the strawberry. The girls love strawberries. I fed the piggies some grape tomatoes and the boys seemed to like it better than the girls, with the exception of Nibbles. He rolled it around but did not eat it. Layla looked up at me like, “OK, what else you got?”
As I had mentioned before, Theo loves apples. He eats them like he has been starved of food for several days.
You have to feed them fruit in moderation, though. Too much sugar is bad for them and for us all.
I apologize for not having pictures, today. I have felt bad today but wanted to get this post in.
Tomorrow’s post will be better. See you then, when we discuss the letter “g”.

5 minute friday-Trust

Whew! I’m late posting this, but I still wanted to get it in for today. On Fridays, I join a woman named Lisa Jo, who’s in South Africa, if I remember correctly, for a little thing she likes to call 5 minute friday. You basically write for 5 minutes without stopping to edit or check if it’s right. She gives a prompt, and whoever wants can link up to her blog through her Linky tool. That means YOU!! :). Anyone can join. I’ve never even met the woman and I join her whenever I can. If you don’t know how, just put your post in my comments box and I’ll send it to her. You meet lots of nice people-partly because she asks you to read the post before yours and leave nice thoughts. Last week, I had about 7 comments from other 5 minute friday participants. It was so fun, I wanted to do it again. So here goes… (more…)

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