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In The End, More Women Were There For Jesus Than Men

Last Wednesday, we talked in class about how the world thinks the Bible views women as unimportant and practically doormats. The truth is, the Bible does not see them that way at all. In fact, women were to have some key roles in His life.
The first time we see a woman involved in Jesus’ life is in Luke 1:26-38. This is when God sends the angel, Gabriel to Mary to tell her about Jesus, the baby she is carrying. God could have chosen to bring Jesus into the world any way He wanted but He chose to do it through the birth of a woman; a human woman, whom Gabriel calls, “favored one”.
In verse 35, Gabriel also tells her that the Holy Spirit will come upon her. At this time, no one that I know of had the Holy Spirit come upon them, so this was very special. And to think it happened to a woman.
Another example is in Mark 5:24-34, where a woman, who had suffered with a hemorrhage for 12 years, despite many doctors’ attempts, came to Jesus. She believed that if she just touched His cloak, she would be healed. She came up behind Him amidst a large crowd and as soon as she touched His cloak, “she sensed that the affliction was healed”. Jesus felt the power leave Him and began looking around and asking who touched Him. At first, she was afraid to answer because women were not regarded that highly back then and she was afraid of what might happen. Jesus was not angry with her but praised her for such strong faith, and even called her “daughter”.
This was not the only female that Jesus helped that day. Just before He healed the woman with the hemorrhage, a synagogue official, named Jairus, approached Jesus and fell at His feet. Mark 5:23 says that the official “implored Him earnestly, saying, ‘My little daughter is at the point of death; please come and lay Your hands on her, so that she will get well and live.'”
Jesus agreed to help this little girl, when at that time and in some countries around the world today, the only people less important than women are little girls; however, Jesus had compassion for this man and his daughter.
He was interrupted by the woman with the hemorrhage and after healing her, people from the official’s house came and told him that his daughter had died and not to bother Jesus anymore. Verse 36 tells us that He overheard what they said and told the official to, “…not be afraid any longer, only believe.”
So, He took Peter, James and John and went to the synagogue official’s house and according to verse 38, “He saw a commotion and people loudly weeping and wailing. And entering in, He said to them, ‘Why do you make a commotion and weep? The child has not died, but is asleep.’
5:40-“They began laughing at Him. But putting them all out, He took along the child’s father and mother and His own companions, and entered the room where the child was.
5:41-“Taking the child by the hand, He said to her, ‘Talitha kum!’ (which translated means, “Little girl, I say to you, get up!’)”
5:42-“Immediately the girl got up and began to walk, for she was twelve years old. And immediately they were completely astounded.”
5:43-“And he gave strict orders that no one should know about this , and He said that something should be given to her to eat.”
If Jesus thought little of women and little girls, why did he stop and heal this woman and bring the little girl back to life? He cared for every human being, male or female. In Acts 10:34, Peter says, “I most certainly understand that God shows no partiality.” Romans 2:11 also quotes, “For there is no partiality with God.”
The claims that people make today about the Bible showing no respect to women or showing them in a bad light are simply not true. Women had a part in Jesus’ life and certainly in His death. Who was at the cross when Jesus was crucified? The disciple John was there but Matthew 27 tells us that Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Joseph and the mother of the sons of Zebedee were looking on and had been ministering to Him. They had provided food and provisions for Him in His life.
Lastly, who came to prepare Jesus’ body for burial with spices on the morning He had risen from the dead? In Mark 16:1, we find that “…Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome bought spices so that they might come and anoint Him.”
In the end, women were there for Jesus in His life and they were there for Him in His death. I believe He knew that God made us this way and accepted our nurturing ways, nurturing us in return. We can feel special, knowing that Jesus gave loving attention to women as well as men.

Fewer Words Thursday-Did You Know The Soldiers At Gettysburg Had A Reunion Fifty Years Later?

Hey, y’all!  It’s Thursday again and time to join Andrea in her quest to write a post in fewer words.  If you would like to join us, just click on the pretty picture and get the very few rules to this marvelous game.

Andrea has been doing a series on Serenity and finding peace in your life.  I heard an incredible story recently and thought it would be perfect for her theme.

In 1913, 50 years after the battle at Gettysburg during the Civil War, the soldiers had a reunion.  No one brought weapons and the 50,000 men, who attended this reunion were totally different men than they were in 1863, when they fought the battle at Gettysburg.  Soldiers from the North and the South attended and ate meals together, shared war stories, listened to the National Anthem together and were privileged to hear the president address their heroism in a speech.  The most amazing thing to me is that they did a reenactment of Pickett’s Charge.  People have done reenactments of battles but these were the actual soldiers, one side charging across the field and the other climbing over the fence, ( that in itself is impressive, fifty years later), to face each other. This time, they had no weapons and instead of shooting each other, they embraced.  Amazing, isn’t it?

I think we can learn a lot from these men.  They took the phrase, “A lot can happen in fifty years,” and gave it a new meaning.  The Civil War was such a personal war, with feelings of anger and hatred-with only forgiveness and peace left in the fifty years that had gone by.

I found a video on Youtube that talks about the 50 year reunion and shows actual footage of their 75 year reunion.  You will see two opposing soldiers sitting side by side, Pickett’s Charge reenacted with a handshake at the end, ( and the cute little old men more than happy to demonstrate a Rebel Yell).  I was impressed  when I saw the soldiers playing their drums and one playing the flute.

A bitter and fierce war turned into peace and laughter years later.  All the things we can learn from this.

Philemon Lesson 6

Did you know that some of the people mentioned in Philemon are mentioned elsewhere in the Bible?  In class, we talked about these people what Paul says about them in various parts of the New Testament:

*Archippus Colossians 4:17 (more…)

Boy Meets Congregation

Holly Green
Well, this is my first post for the 2011 Wordcount Blogathon. It has been a crazy day and I saw that a couple of you have left a comment for me. I saw it and I will have to respond to it in the morning because I should be better able to do it when I’m not so tired. I hope that’s OK.

So how was y’all’s weekend? Did you have fun? Did you get to rest? Did you work all weekend? Whatever you did, I hope it was nice, overall.

I have been to church 3 times in the last 2 days and I have so many classes and sermons in my head, it is spinning. It is very tiring to do that but I always am so glad I did. I am so uplifted after seeing other Christians and spending time with them. There is nothing else like it.

5 minute friday-If I Knew I Could

Let’s just write and not worry if it’s just right or not. Here’s how we do it:

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It’s a great way to exhale at the end of a beautiful week. (more…)

Philemon-Dissecting The Letter

The People
Colossians 4-Mentions the same people-“Onessimus, our faithful and beloved brother, who is one of your number.” vs 9
“Aristarchus, my fellow prisoner, sends you his greetings; and also Barnabas’ cousin, Mark (about whom you received instructions; if he comes to you, welcome him)”
In Acts 15, Paul and Barnabas get into an argument over taking Mark, because he abandoned them on the first trip.
“Epaphras,… sends his greetings, always laboring earnestly for you in his prayers” vs 12
“Luke, the beloved physician, sends his greetings, as does Demas” vs14
“Say to Archippus, ‘Take heed to the ministry,” vs 17

The Place-
3 places close to each other

The Timing
Paul’s Imprisonments
Caesarean Acts 24-2 years
1st Roman Acts 28-2 years
Philippians 1 indicates release
2nd Roman II Tim. 4-The letter refers to his imminent execution
Most likely occasion is 1st Roman

Internal Issues- Onessimus’ departure vs 11, 18

Five minute Friday-Distance

We started on the road today, and the distance will increase as we go along to Orlando, Florida. Sometimes it feels like the distance between me and God is infinite. After sitting in a Bible class or listening to a sermon, He feels closer. Every time I study my Bible for a blog post, He feels even closer.
Wednesday night, in our class on Philemon, we talked about relationships and the relationships Paul had with fellow Christians and the fewer he had as he grew closer to his execution. Even he needed people around him.
Since then, I have felt closer to Paul than ever and that he is almost in the room with me. The fact that I have people like him in my circle of Christians, it reminds me that I am not alone in my walk with God.

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