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Sleep Lab:I can’t remember, post#2-uhh#3


Holly Green

Aaron woke me up about an hour ago but he was going to go get lunch for us at Wendy’s and he said I could sleep while he was gone-Yes!  Although, I’m not sure how much I slept.  I just finished eating and can hardly explain how I feel.  Part of me feels less sleepy and pat of me feels more sleepy.  How’s that for an explanation?

He keeps asking me how I feel when I go to sleep and when he wakes me up.  Before I took this last nap, when I told him, “tired”, he rubbed my arm a little.  That was nice.  He said I had a lot of “spontaneous arousals”, like I mentioned in part I, where I would just wake up for no reason.  He said he got to looking at the medicine I take and that maybe it is causing me to wake up constantly.  What’s weird is I only remember a few times.  He asked me how I thought I slept and I said I kept waking up, whether jerking awake or a sound waking me up.  Anyway, I take antidepressants and those might be interfering with my sleep.  They can also keep you from reaching stages 4 and 5 of sleep-the deepest sleep you have at night.

I have a crick in my neck, that I woke up with this morning and it barely bothered me at the time; however, the more naps I take, the worse it gets.  I brought my own pillows-I don’t know why it would do this.  C’est la vie!

I forgot to mention that I have not had to wear all 19 wires today.  William took them off of me this morning, except for the ones on my head-which I barely feel.  I can’t wait to wash the gel out of my hair-it was quite a job getting it out.

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