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Farewell To Speckles And Layla

I realize it has been a while since I posted but I have been in mourning. Two weeks ago, on Monday, Speckles and Layla passed away. I am not sure what killed them. It just seems to be some kind of freak something. At first, I suspected fire ants but I am not sure.
They were especially rambunctious that morning. They kept trying to run under the fence. One time, Terry had to help me gather them up in the front yard and take them back to the back yard. Now that I think about it, maybe they were trying to go there to die. I have heard of animals going somewhere else to die. I don’t know.
I had to take Terry to work, that day, because Steph had the car. She came back to the house because she was having trouble getting her driver’s license and was off again to try a second time. I sat out there with the piggies, Nibbles, too, after we got the playpen set up for the girls. Nibbles doesn’t need one because he doesn’t run away-he just sits next to their playpen. That day, however, he wasn’t sitting next to them. He was on the porch part of the day and on the other end of the back yard the other part. I thought it was odd but nothing else of it.
The girls kept knocking their water bottle off of their carrier, to the point where I got frustrated. I don’t know what was up with that.
I took Terry to work and came back home to take a nap. I was hormonally challenged, that day and felt really bad. I peeked outside and thought I saw them running around in the playpen.
I spent a little time unpacking the bedroom until I was too tired to do anymore. I had to lie down for a few minutes again and then I got up to check on them. That is when I found them. They were already starting to decompose-thinking back, that was good, so I wouldn’t take them to the Vet, thinking they could save them, and then find out they are dead. I was spared from all of that.
The whole thing was just so weird!
I still miss them a lot but sometimes I feel that it happened at the right time-whatever that meansi have not taken Nibbles back out to the back yard. I am waiting until it cools down some more.
I was going to have Speckles do another post before they died but I just haven’t had the heart since they died before I finished it. She was going to talk some more about our new pet-how he’s annoying and just thinks that the piggies are a chew toy. Anyway, here is a picture of him. His name is Xenon and he is an Italian Greyhound-a miniature Greyhound, who can be a lap dog or very hyper. Right now, he’s 3 months old and chewing on everything!



Moving To Texas

Hey, everyone! Speckles, the guinea pig here! Miss Holly asked me to give you an update on how we’re doing. A bunch of big people came into our house and made a lot of noise. It scared us pretty bad, so Miss Holly or Anna took us outside sometimes, for grass and to get away from the noisy people.
Miss Holly and Anna took apart our cages and put us in these smaller cages. Nibbles is fine, but Layla, my mom, keeps biting me when she gets tired of me trying to lean up against her. Miss Holly says I’m getting on her nerves, whatever that means! I’m just scared and I want my big cage back. Oh, Miss Holly says I’m getting it back soon but I don’t know that.
After all the noise, they put us in the car, in the floorboard of the back seat and rode for a reeeeally long time. Then, we went into this huuuge house and stayed in a little bitty room. I’m not sure why, since the house was so big. Miss Holly says its called a hotel. Our family turned on the tv and laughed a lot before going to sleep. Anna had to keep getting out of her bed to get Layla to be nice to me.
The next day, we got in the car again and rode for a reeeeally long time again, until we stopped at another hotel. The family talked and laughed again, except for Miss Holly-she slept and got up before everybody else. Then, she took us outside, where there was trees and flowers, and let us look at them from way high up. She says it’s called a balcony.
Then we got in the car again! We rode for a reeeeally long time again and stayed in another hotel. Miss Holly and Anna had to keep getting onto Layla for making me cry. The family was on their computers, except for Stephanie. She felt bad, took a shower and went to sleep until Anna went in the bathroom and came out again. She was upset and people kept coming into the bathroom and leaving again. Then, we all had to leave the room and go to one across the hall, and yes, Stephanie had to wake up and move to another bed. Miss Holly says it was because we had no hot water. Anna said it was because Stephanie took it all, but Stephanie said that’s not possible for a hotel.
Anyway, Anna went in the bathroom and ran the water for a while and came out all wet. I guess the hot water worked. Oh, not that the family didn’t have a shower until then. They did that in every hotel room! I don’t know why, I hate baths!
The next day, we got in the car again and rode for a reeeeally long time. Then, we stopped at our new house. The house was empty and the family spent the night in different rooms this time, on blow-up beds. I kept bugging Layla throughout the night and Miss Holly kept getting onto us.
Miss Holly wants me to stop talking now, but I want to tell you about our back yard. It’s really fun! Miss Holly wants to save that for next time. Until then, here are some pictures of our trip and the balcony we got to see.






EVERYTHING Happens When You Go Out Of Town

I know it has been a while since I posted regularly. The past few weeks have been crazy. Steph is home from college, which threw off my schedule, at first, but I don’t mind. She got a summer job, so it has made things more normal for me.
We went out of town from Wednesday to Sunday and a lot of things happened. In short, here’s a list:
Anna went to a party she wasn’t supposed to go to-and Steph had no idea where she was…
Steph got sick with a 101 fever…
Anna had a nosebleed and got blood in several rooms in the house…
Steph burned the carpet with her straightener…
Speckles made the rare “chirping” sound that I blogged about, but at 3 o’clock in the morning-about an hour after Terry and I got home…
Well, I think that’s about it. Steph said if we leave again, Anna is going with us because as she said, “Never again.”
Why is it that this stuff always happens when you’re gone?
You gotta love it!

Update On Nibbles

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog. After the insanity of the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I took a couple of weeks off. I wanted, however, to let you know how Nibbles is doing. The truth is, I’m not sure.
After taking him to the Vet, I gave him every dose of his 2 antibiotics, seeing as last time I had kind of slacked off. He has also had his Vitamin C every day.
I called the Vet when Nibbles was almost finished with his medicine he said that he believed Nibbles is over an apparent initial bacterial infection but if his breathing is still off, which it is, either he has a stubborn pneumonia or possibly something wrong with his heart. He suggested I bring Nibbles back in but I had to tell him that I have to wait a week or two, when we have the money.
In the meantime, he finished his antibiotics and I cleaned his cage, putting less bedding in it. If he has allergies, I was hoping that would help but it didn’t seem to do much. I also cleaned the carpet with the wet vac. I did about half of the room where some of the urine stains from them running around were. I figured that was a factor, since Steph, Anna and I get stuffy noses if we are in the room for long periods of time.
About a week after he started his medicine, Nibbles started acting like he was feeling better and exploring some. He was running around, not as much as the other piggies but he is still active and eating.
I have been watching the pollen count and when it is up, Nibbles’ breathing is worse; when it is down, his breathing is not as bad. I do need to take him back and let the Vet look at him and see him for himself because he has a better idea about Nibbles’ progress than over the phone.
We went out of town the day after I vacuumed and Nibbles didn’t seem to be doing that well. I picked him up to tell him goodbye and I could feel him exhaling in my hands. It really scared me and we haven’t been back home yet. That was Wednesday and we head back Sunday. The kids are home with the piggies and I am sure Anna will call us if she thinks he is really bad.
We did leave in the morning and he seems worse in the morning. The vacuuming may have stirred things up, at least I hope. I don’t want to think that he is worse. I told him, though, “You be here when I get back.”
Keep him in your prayers, or maybe me, that I can let him go if I need to.


Z Is For Zoo

Whew! It’s the last day of the 2012 A to Z Blogging Challenge and it is time to look at the letter “Z”. Normally, you do not see guinea pigs at the zoo but I have seen a couple of YouTube videos of guinea pigs in a zoo. I think it was in South America.
The pigs were in a big outdoor cage in one of them and there was a lot. It looked like around 50.
In the wild, guinea pigs live in herds and enjoy the company. They are social animals, so being alone is something they do not like.
In the other video, the piggies were in what looked like a big pit and again, there was a lot! Maybe around 50. I cannot imagine seeing that in person. Wow!
Anyway, we have reached the end of our long journey and I have enjoyed it very much. I met some new people and made a couple of friends. I look forward to doing this again, next year. I hope you will join me. For now, I will probably take a few days off.
Thank you for all of your comments during the month of April.

Y Is For You Can Build Your Own Cage

We have two kinds of cages for the piggies. One of them is a Midwest cage, which you can buy off of or their website. We also have a homemade cage, which Terry and Anna built. You may have heard of them if you keep up with guinea pig stuff. It is made of coroplast and panels that you can make shelves out of. They made one and a half cages with it. That way, Speckles can be next to Taylor and Layla with one side of bars in between them but they can’t fight.
It was less expensive to make it than buying a Midwest cage. It is also wider than a Midwest cage.
The Midwest cage is longer and has doors that double as ramps, so you can open the door and they can walk out on their own.
I wish the coroplast cage had doors, so when I have them out of the cage and they need to go to the bathroom, they can just go back to their cage on their own.
The coroplast is easy to clean but the droppings get stuck in between the bars. That’s annoying.
I have found pluses and minuses with having both kinds of cages. It just depends on what you like.

X Is For X-Ray But Not Today

Welcome to the last lap of the 2012 Blogging Challenge.  If you read my post yesterday, you know that one or my guinea pigs, Nibbles is having trouble breathing.  Today, I took him to an exotic Vet about an hour away from where I live. I have taken him to a regular Vet twice and he just could not shake whatever is wrong with him.  Both times, they gave him an antibiotic and again today, this Vet gave him even more.

The Vet wants to treat for possible pneumonia and increase Nibbles’  Vitamin C intake.  I was under the impression that if you give a guinea pig fresh fruits or vegetables every day, that would count as enough Vitamin C.  Evidently not.  Now, I give him the vitamin for the rest of his life.  He’s gonna loooove that!

That means the other piggies need this dosage of Vitamin C, too.  Yay!  I was told not to put it in their water because it is not sufficient. You have to feed it by syringe.

Anyway, if by the end of seven days of treatment Nibbles is not better, I will need to call them back and they will do an X-Ray on him.  The Vet hesitated doing it today because Nibbles is feisty enough that he would need to be sedated. (And that is the Vet’s words.) With his breathing already compromised, he may not make it through the procedure.

A heart problem is a possibility and I asked the Vet about it and he said he would not rule that out.  He wanted to try a cheaper, easier way of treatment first.  Hopefully, it will stop whatever the problem is and Nibbles can get well.  We’ll see.

W Is For What’s Wrong With Nibbles?

Hey, y’all! I am surviving another day of this challenge and it is almost over. I was going to talk about piggies wheeking when they are fed but I could not get a good video of them doing it.
Instead, I’m spending a little time talking about Nibbles, my favorite out of the bunch. He has something wrong with him and I’m not sure if it is his teeth or a respiratory infection.
He breathes heavy and is not eating much. He gets excited at feeding time but doesn’t eat as much as the other piggies. When I held him, the other day, I noticed that the hair under his chin was sticky, like it had been wet and had since dried. That can be a sign of drooling, I think. If his teeth are overgrown, he could be drooling from that.
He also has a stuffy nose but no coughing or sneezing. Maybe it’s from breathing with his mouth open. Tonight, he looks scared to be handled. It’s like he knows he needs treatment and is afraid. Who knows?
I have read all kinds of terrible stories on the Internet about piggies having tooth problems and dying from complications or from the anesthetic if a procedure has to be done. If his teeth need to be filed they will knock him out for that.
I am taking to a different vet tomorrow than I usually take him to, one that is in Fairfax and specializes in exotic pets-which is what Nibbles is. I just hope it doesn’t cost too much and that it doesn’t end up harming him worse. I only want him to be rid of this once and for all-it’s been going on for months-with 2 trips to the vet already.


V Is For Vegetables

Welcome to the 25th day of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Today, we look at the letter “V” and that stands for vegetables. Guinea pigs have a wide assortment of veggies that they can eat. Layla loves lettuce to the point that she will take it away from Taylor and go to a corner to eat it.
Nibbles loves celery. The other boys love bell peppers and all of the piggies love chard.
We also give the piggies parsley from our garden. I wonder what would happen if we let them loose in our garden? 🙂
Actually, that would be bad because we have chives in there and piggies cannot have chives.
Anyway, join me tomorrow when we dissect the letter “W” and Terry demonstrates how he aggravates the piggies.

T Is For Theo (The Saboteur)

It’s another day of the 2012 A to Z Blogging Challenge and today’s letter is “T”. During this challenge, I have been talking about guinea pigs and a lot of times, my own. Today is no different. Theo’s name starts with a “T”, so there you go.
In the above photo, Theo is doing a really good job of giving me a, “please let me out to run around” face. He is very good at that. I deemed him-the saboteur, though. He does a great job of being cute and giving me a small squeak-not even a full squeak so I let him out-then he starts messing with my stuff.
He started wanting me to let him out because he saw that I let Nibbles out to run around. I finally decided to one day, when I needed to clean his cage. I thought, “Why not?”
As soon as he was out, he started chattering his teeth-something piggies do to one another right before a fight-and trotting around the cages-almost like he was announcing, “I’m the man!”
I was shocked; I thought he would be all cute and run around shyly-not at all.
We bought Theo in October, to be a cage mate for Nibbles because guinea pigs are social animals and need to other piggies to be with. This did not work out and Theo ended up in a cage by himself until Herbie was born. He and Nibbles could not get along. They fought, as in drawing blood fought. In fact, if you notice how the hair on the right side of his face sticks out and does not look right, that’s because of one of their fights. It never grew back right.
As far as his saboteuring, one day, I had Theo out while I cleaned his cage. He came up to my roll of paper towels and knocked them over. He let out three short squeaks and ran off. Another time, I had his droppings in the dust pan that I use to clean out the cages. He came over and walked around the dust pan until he had knocked them out onto the floor. He’s a rascal!
Well, I’ve talked too much already, so I need to go. Stay tuned for “U” and more to Theo’s story tomorrow.

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