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G Is For Giggle

The guinea pigs make me giggle, sometimes. Herbie, the baby, gets so excited when someone comes into the room. He starts squeaking to say “Hi”.
Taylor makes me laugh when she runs around the room. Her sister, Speckles makes me laugh when she walks on my feet. Nibbles walks on my feet, too.
Herbie and Theo play with each other. I think Herbie bugs Theo sometimes.
When the babies were little I put Nibbles in their cage, trying to figure out if his behavior could tell me what sex they were. They were running up to him and running away from him. One of the babies ran inside a hidey house, just the size for a baby guinea pig. Nibbles tried to go in and got his head stuck. I could not stop laughing. He finally pulled his head free and gave me a hurt look like, “Hey, that’s not funny.”. It was.
One day, I introduced the babies to their father on the stairs, an unfamiliar territory, so he would not be territorial with them. Two of the three babies were following him. The other one was by me, while i was filming. Sometimes he chased them, sometimes they chased him. They were so much faster than him, they would be gone by the time he turned around. They ended up backing him into a corner. By the way, I give myself permission to post this video from my youtube channel on this site
Here’s what happened:

Both were OK.  You hear one baby cry out, I think because Nibbles pushed her against the wall.  I checked them both after I filmed it.  They were fine.  You hear me say smething at the end because I was afraid they were hurt, but since they weren’t, it’s funny to me now.  Nibbles kept trying to sniff their rear ends, so that is what he is doing in the video.  He knew they were female.  He could have told me then.  🙂

October Fact A Day

To add to the mystery of Boris Karloff, in the opening credits of “Frankenstein” they listed him as “?”.

Women In The 50’s and 60’s-Pretty And Defenseless

The other day, I was trying to do a post about a video that Terry showed me. It was from a TV show in Britain, that did an episode poking fun at how society used to view women. It is filmed in black and white to give the feel of the era.
I can’t embed it, that’s where the problems came in, but it is on YouTube. The title is “Harry Enfield-Women Know Your Limits”.
Take a look and let me know what you think. Personally, I thought it was hilarious and haven’t had that good of a laugh in a while. 🙂

Where In The World Is Rockapella?

Holly Green
If you had kids that were small in the ’90s, or grandkids that were small, or you just liked to watch kids’ shows, you might remember a show called, “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?”
It was a game show with questions on geography and if you answered enough questions right, you found Carmen Sandiego and put her in jail for all the things she stole during her travels.
If you remember that show, you might remember Rockapella, the group that did the theme song for the show and said things like, “You’re welcome,” in A Capella-no instruments, just singing.
If you don’t remember Rockapella, you might remember them from a Folger’s commercial they did maybe about 10 years ago-it follows them from waking up in their apartments to singing in the street, which is how they were discovered, like this:

I read a post recently on a blog about LeVar Burton and when I went to the video link, I saw “Carmen Sandiego” on the page and watched some of their videos, bringing back good memories of when the kids were young. I went to their website and did you know that they have albums out? Who would have thunk? (I’m kidding, Roberta.)
I may have to get some. I have also found myself playing the Folger’s commercial just to hear the music. The following video had a drum solo with one of the members doing the sounds with his mouth. Truly weird and amazing! He said in an interview that he used to make sounds with his brother when they were kids and do shows. Now he makes money making those sounds with his mouth. So, to all you parents out there, who have kids that constantly make sounds for everything, maybe there’s an opportunity out there for them. 🙂

“Just took an I.Q. test.  The results were negative.”

John P.

“Psychics never win the lottery.  Why is that?”

John P.

“There is enough youth.  How about a fountain of smart?”

John P.

“Can atheists get insurance for acts of God?”

John P.

“Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.”

John P.

A Heavenly Mother’s Day

Day 8 of the blogathon and I am still going. Woohoo!
To all of you mothers out there, I want to wish you Happy Mother’s Day!! To those who have a mother, I hope you bring her some good cheer and maybe a phone call or something. To those who have lost a mother, may you find peace through good memories on this day.
I’m sure that everybody and their dog is blogging about Mother’s Day, so I thought I would steer away from it. My youngest daughter asked, “Why is there a day for everything? Why isn’t there a kids’ day?”
“Christmas is for kids,” I replied. “What about Halloween? You get to go out and get free candy?”
Her smile told me that she could not argue with that one. I wish I had a day where I could go door-to-door, asking for free candy and then eat it when I get home. That would be awesome! A Halloween For Grown-Ups Day! If we didn’t want to go to strangers’ houses, I see plenty of things at the grocery store that I pass up, thinking,”It better be worth it,” or “I wonder if they have those in heaven.”
I can see it now, “Here’s your chocolate cake, with 7 different kinds of chocolate decorating it, that will take you a hundred years to finish.”
“Oh boy!”
And then, having said, “Oh boy!” would remind me of my childhood and I would want to sit next to some water, take my shoes off, (if I’m wearing any; it might be hot on those streets of gold 🙂 ) and dangle my feet in the water while I eat it.
Anyway, speaking of the afterlife, my mom has a book that tells how a lot of famous people died, including Shakespeare. Did you know that before he died, Shakespeare put a curse on his grave? Anyone to touched his tombstone or body, or tried to move it, or anything would be cursed. So 100 years or more later, when Westminster Abby was built, they could not move his body out of respect or fear of the curse. The #1 writer of all time and he is not buried in Westminster Abby.
I can picture him in heaven, after the magnificent structure was built and they decided not to bury him there, waving his arms frantically and trying to get their attention, yelling, “No, that’s not what I meant! You can bury me there. It’s OK. ”
Maybe he did not care or maybe he does not know. I do think it’s ironic, though.
Those are two pictures of heaven I have. I have others but I think I’ve shared enough for today.
What kind of pictures do you have of heaven? Or do I even want to know? jk
Have a heavenly Mother’s Day!

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