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Influencing Others For Christ-Come and See

John 1:35-49

-How people came to know more about Jesus

Jesus was just beginning His ministry and John the Baptist saw Him coming.  It is interesting to note that He did not come riding in on a horse or in some flashy way and say, “I am the Son of God!  You should worship me!  I’m important!”

It is John the Baptist who speaks and says, “Behold, the Lamb of God!”

Two of his disciples followed Jesus and he turned to them and asked a simple question, “What do you seek?”

They, in turn ask Him, “Rabbi, where are you staying?”

They wanted to know where He was staying but they probably wanted to know more than that.  They may have wanted to know all kinds of things about Him but that is all they say.

He answers, “Come and you will see.” (more…)

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