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The Letters Of John-Lesson 3

The Light and Love
*1 John 1-The Particulars
Walk-way of life vs 6 “darkness”
vs 7-walking in light, cleansing-associated with repentance
vs 8-not repentant-claims have no sin, no truth
vs 9-10-confessing, don’t confess-state of darkness

*1 John 2:1-11-The Overview
Us———Love brother

The Particulars
vs 1-2-Great balance, propitiation-high priest and sacrifice
vs3-4-idea of knowing Him and equating to obedience
vs 5-6-walking in Him, keeping His word, love of God, we become perfected
vs 7-11-loving brother-darkness-don’t-light-do
Hate, envy, jealousy-blinds us

The Letters of John

These are my notes on a new class we are having on the letters of John.

1. Jesus, John and the apostles’ writings
Sons of thunder/James, disciple Jesus loved, inner circle, fisherman, connected to upper level of society, leaning on Jesus

Great truths
-God became flesh John 1:1, 14-God not far; 3:16-God so loved, gave Son and Son became sacrifice for our sins, 20:30-31-records of signs that prove Jesus is Christ, Son of God

*The Letters
Author-similar in structure, content, style, scholars of early 2nd Century-quote from his letters, attribute it to John, knew him personally

*The Message of John’s Letters
1:3-4-fellowship, joy complete
2:1-may not sin
2:26-counter the deceivers/false teaching
5:13-know you have eternal life/keep believing

“Know”, assured, confidence act
1:1-3, 2:3-4, 5, 13-14; 3:24, 16, 2; 4:13, 2; 5:2, 15

*Reading and Understanding John’s Letters
-They will do this:
Confirm and deepen your faith and beliefs
Help us overcome the enemy-the world 2:1, 15-17; 5:18-19
Help us face and overcome false teaching-2 doctrines of 2nd Century-
Docetism (flesh is evil)
Gnosticism (flesh is evil)- higher beings have no flesh-levels-the more you know -higher you are -possession-Christ lived in a man called Jesus, flesh is so evil it doesn’t matter how you live; with levels-higher-more important than the lower guy

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