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P Is For Popcorning

Today’s blog post is brought to you by the letter “P” and the number “18”.
Guinea pigs have a thing they do when they are happy, that looks like a seizure. It is called “popcorning” and it is a mixture of shakes, jumping, twitches and making a little sound. Baby guinea pigs do it often and as they get older, they do it less and less.
The first time I saw Nibbles popcorn, I had approached his cage and was talking to him in my baby voice that I use. We had not owned him and Layla very long and I called Anna over to the cage and said, “I think there’s something wrong with him.”
Anna looked and said, “Oh, he’s popcorning. He’s happy.”
Nibbles was twitching and jumped up in the air a couple of times. Boy, was I relieved to hear her explanation of popcorning because seeing it for the first time-you might think they are having a seizure.
In the video of Taylor running around that I posted on the day of “E” is for Exercise, she does popcorn a little bit. She stops and jumps into the air and continues running.
At least now that I know what it means, I can be happy when I see it.
Now that I think about it, Layla popcorned once, when she was pregnant after Anna put a scarf on her head. You never know what will make them break out into song and dance but it’s cute to see.
Tune in tomorrow, to find out more about the mating process and watch a video of Nibbles demonstrating something that starts with the letter, “R”.


I Is For I Hate Baths!!!

Welcome to day whatever it is in the A to Z Blog Challenge. Today, we discuss the letter “I”. This one is special, so I hope you like it.
I have a secret laboratory on the first floor of my townhouse and last week, my youngest daughter, Anna was home for Spring Break. A friend from the neighborhood came over and they wanted to do an experiment in my laboratory. I said “yes”, so we set up the lab for the experiment. Some of the guinea pigs had experienced this experiment before but some had not, since we do it about once a year. The experiment was to expose the piggies to conditions of wet/dry and warm/cold, with loud sounds involving water and a machine, which made a loud noise and blew warm air. The name of the experiment: a bath.
Some of the subjects were more agreeable than others. My two assistants conducted the majority of the experiments, with my instruction and guidance. The neighbor assistant had never conducted this experiment before and was having a good time, although she was not as patient as my other assistant.

Here she is, bathing the smallest subject:  

She is mentioning the towel that was chosen for that subject and then the other assistant loses focus on the camera.  I apologize for those moments.  You hear me say, “Aww, poor little Herbie” in my voice that I talk to the piggies in.  I forgot I was in the video.
I instructed them not to fill the sink with water because guinea pigs do not like water but they did anyway, until the last piggie, when they decided to take my advice and keep the sink empty. That subject was the most compliant until we used the water on her.

Here is the ther assistant, my daughter, having done this experiment before on this particular subject, named Layla.  She tried using a cup of water instead of the faucet.  In the video, assistant #2 is preparing grilled cheese sandwiches for us, since they were having so much fun, they forgot to eat and were getting hungry:

If you are having trouble viewing this, go to my yutube channel: Kavianstreet and you may view 3 videos there of baths and blow dry.
We interrrupted the process of torture by consoling them, wrapped in a warm towel, which we put in the dryer before the experiment began. Our findings with this, they enjoyed it and did not mind the towel-drying with a warm towel. Last year, I had read about using this technique and it works very well on all of the subjects. They appreciate the warmth and enjoy the quiet if I or someone else sits quietly and dries them off calmly. They were getting cold, so we returned to the experiment with the loud machine that blows air.
Our findings with this, all of the subjects did not enjoy themselves while this machine was being used on them. Some tried to escape my lab and had to be restrained and the fact that our neighbor was losing patience when she used the machine, made the situation worse.

Here is an example: 

See what I mean?
After this part of the experiment was over, each of the subjects took a nap, wrapped up in their warm towels. Two of subjects hid their heads in the loveseat and huddled together, two others hid in the towels and huddled together, resulting in sleep.
Our official findings in this experiment, guinea pigs do not like the sound of a hose being sprayed and do not like the condition of being wet. They do, however like the cuddling and quiet towel dry afterwards. They do not like a loud machine being blown at them and appreciate it if a hand is put in front of them while this machine is being used. After the experiment, guinea pigs like to huddle together for support and warmth after the torturous session and go to sleep, warm and dry.

Subject #2, with his hair sticking out, after a towel dry.


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