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Our New Life In Texas

Hi, everybody! It’s Speckles again. Miss Holly asked me to tell you how things are going. After several nights in our new house, with nothing in it, some big guys came and brought in everything they had taken out. It seems kind of silly to me. Why not just leave it there? Anyway, they made a lot of noise but Miss Holly had taken us outside for grass before they got there. We like to to outside and we looooove our new back yard! Miss Holly just let us run around out there and then let Nibbles run around when she took us in, so we wouldn’t have any more babies.
The first day, we only ran around on the porch. We didn’t even see the grass-then Anna took us out to the grass and wow! We munched and munched and munched some more. The second day, Layla decided to go to the grass by herself but I didn’t go as far as she did. She ran over to the fence and crawled under-Anna tricked her back under.
The third day, I decided that since Layla didn’t get eaten by scary monsters, I would follow her over by the fence. There is a concrete area by the fence, where this big machine is, that is nice and cool to lay on. All was going well until the machine turned on and made a big noise. (Miss Holly says its an air conditioner.). Layla took off running and made it back into the cage on the porch. I was not so lucky. I ran after her but I ran into something, and as I was trying to get away from that, Miss Holly’s broom hit me and then I didn’t know what to do! I was panicking but Miss Holly calmed me down and helped me back to my cage. Whew! That was close. And she was laughing; I didn’t think it was very funny.
After the big guys came, our playpen was put in the back yard, so all three of us can be outside at the same time. Nibbles doesn’t run under the fence; he just eats grass around the playpen and lays down next to it. He wants to be with us.
Everything has gone well since then, when we go outside for grass and exploring-except for last Saturday, when I was kind of naughty and broke out of the playpen to be with Nibbles. The family doesn’t know if we mated or not because everyone was inside getting dressed. (That’s my little secret.) Stephanie was the tattle-tale who told Anna and she ran out and grabbed me as Nibbles was chasing me.
We are not getting as much attention as we used to because the family got another pet, who Anna likes better. She spends more time with it than with us, but Miss Holly makes sure we are not ignored. She does like the new pet, too. I don’t know why-it’s just a baby that has to be taken care of all the time. Miss Holly was spending all of her mornings outside with us but now she goes back and forth, letting the new pet out, too. I’m not allowed to say what it is-that’s for next time.
Until then, don’t forget about me-like Anna has. Well that’s not totally true-Anna does feed us during the day. OK, that’s all for now. Bye!
Here’s a picture of me eating grass in our new yard.



L Is For Layla (The Peacemaker)



Welcome to Friday, the 13th! Have you had a good day? Do you believe in all that superstition?
Anyway, I hope your day was good.
Today is the day to celebrate the letter “L”. The above photos are of Layla, one of the first two guinea pigs we bought, when we got them for Anna for Christmas two years ago. We were told we were getting two girls and they were right about one of them; Nibbles, however, turned out to be a boy.
The middle photo is of Layla, a day or two before she gave birth to Taylor, Speckles and Meatball. If you have been following my blog for a while, you have probably seen the last photo of Layla, with her newborn babies, in a basket that they could chew and sleep in. They wore that basket to shreds-got a lot of use out of it.
I call Layla the peacemaker because she gets along with all the piggies. Everything was great between Layla, Taylor and Speckles until Speckles gave birth to Herbie. Layla could live peaceably with Speckles and Herbie but The Bully, Taylor could not. Taylor and Speckles started going at it. Layla would always interfere, giving them a sharp squeak, sounding like she was getting onto them and telling them to stop.
I could just imagine her saying, “Here, y’all are sisters. Stop that.” Well, maybe not the y’all, but everything else.
We were forced to take Speckles and Herbie out of the cage and put them in a playpen until we could get another cage. Anna put Layla back and forth between Taylor and Speckles-putting her in the cage with Taylor during the night and in the playpen with Speckles and Herbie during the day. It worked out fine, until Anna got tired of doing it. Eventually, Layla went back to the cage with Taylor permanently.
Whenever I let them all out to run around, if Taylor made any sounds at Speckles, Layla would come over and interfere with her warning squeak, then Taylor would take off in another direction.
Layla still gets along with all the piggies, giving the boys kisses when she visits the outside of their cages. Sometimes when I pick her up, she kisses me all over my face. Layla-The Peacemaker.
Stay tuned, kiddies for tomorrow’s post, when I talk about another piggie, whom we no longer call our own.

Another Guinea Pig?!????

Life’s full of surprises. On Sunday morning, we found one before we left for church. I was in the kitchen making pancakes, which I don’t usually do on Sunday but I’ve been getting hungry before services get out, and decided to have a bigger breakfast. Anna kept calling my name, which was unusual for a Sunday morning-she’s usually tired and quiet.
“Mom!” She said again.
“What?!” I was a little annoyed because she was calling me while I was trying to get the batter to turn out right-I forgot we were almost out of milk.
“We have another guinea pig!”
I ran upstairs and there it was. A tiny, white baby guinea pig, with gold on its back.
I started freaking out. Anna laughed and said, “Mom, it’s OK.”
I didn’t feel so “OK”. My head was swirling and I felt like I was about to faint. You know that feeling, when you’re surroundings start looking “not real”, you’re head feels light, and you can’t feel the floor anymore?
Anna started talking again and I started listening, which brought me back to feeling fine. Well, not exactly fine but not about to faint. Terry came up the stairs and we all had a conversation but I can’t remember it. I think I said something about being in shock.
At first, I thought Nibbles, the babies’ father was the culprit. Here comes the part where I tell you about something I meant to tell you back in October.
Meet Theo!

We bought him on the same day that we gave one of the babies away. Terry said he didn’t plan it but I think he did because I was sad about giving the baby away and worried about Nibbles. He was in a cage by himself and wasn’t happy; guinea pigs are social creatures and need a cage mate.
I hated the name, at first. It was Terry’s idea when Anna was trying to figure out what to name him. Theodore was chosen because he’s “Theodorable!”. You can grunt and roll your eyes if you want. I probably would.
At some point during the day, I asked her if there was ever a time when she had the boys out with the girls. “Of course not!”
Then I asked her if there was ever a time when she had Theo out with Speckles. “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe, probably.”
I thought she was more responsible than that but when we first got Theo, I remember her putting him in the playpen with the girls because she thought they would play or something. Well, guess what happened? Two months later, this.

What’s even weirder is that we had a sermon on modern day stress. I think this a lesson for me to just trust God and to go with the flow. Normally, I hate it when things happen that I wasn’t prepared for. Terry’s parents used to come over with no notice and I hated that. I wanted to know they were coming. Sometimes, things like this really throw me for a loop.
Should we get the boys neutered? I hesitate because of the risk, since it’s surgery. Then again, how many more surprises will we get?

Nibbles And Layla Come Home

Hey, y’all! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Now it’s time to get ready for Christmas. Woo hoo!
I’ve had this idea in my head for an ongoing story and I keep getting ideas about our guinea pigs, so I thought I would write them down. You’ll also notice I have a new category for these stories so you can find them easily. I was sort of inspired by Jane’s (one of my subscribers) stories about Pen and Paper. If you haven’t read them, you should, if you want to find out what that pen and piece of paper say when you’re not around. So here it is, the first story from Ongoing Piggies. Tell me what you think.

Father: (whispering to the mother) Come here. I want to show you the guinea pigs I got for Anna for Christmas. It’s two girls, about three months old.

Mother: This ought to be different than the mice. I don’t think I’ve seen a guinea pig up close.

Nibbles: Who’s that?

Layla: I don’t know. Maybe it’s someone else in the family.

(Father opens the box and mother peeks in.)

Layla: Oh good, it’s a girl!

Mother: Oh, they’re so cute! (Reaches down and pets them.)

Nibbles: How big is this family?

Layla: We’ve only seen one person, so far. We haven’t seen a mom. She must be the mom.

Mother: They’re so soft! The black one’s fur is shiny and silky.

Nibbles: (smiles) She’s pretty, just like the little girl.

Father: Do you think Anna will like them?

Mother: Oh, yeah. They’re so cute and they seem really sweet.

Father: Do you want to hold one?

Mother: Um, I guess.

Father: (picks up Nibbles and puts in her arms)

Nibbles: I’ll have her wrapped around my finger in no time.

Layla: (rolls her eyes) You and your charm.

Nibbles: (grins at her) It works on you, doesn’t it?

Mother: (gives Nibbles back to the father, who returns to the box). Ooh, I can’t wait for Anna to see them!

Layla: Just wait ’till they find out you’re not a girl.

Fewer Words Thursday


It’s Thursday, once again; time for a little thing called “Fewer Words Thursday”. I join a friend named Andrea Hutchinson, who hosts this prompt, in an attempt to speak her mind in as few words as possible. Just click on the picture and you can join in the fun, too.

I did not take part in this prompt last Thursday. I was a bit overwhelmed. If you have seen my postings on Facebook, then you know why. If you haven’t, peek at the picture above.

I had been concerned lately because my youngest daughter, Anna’s female guinea pig was pregnant. Last time she was pregnant, she had the babies early and they all died. We were out of town and did not see what happened but had heardn them but I am not sure whether the mother did not clean them off, since they were dead or they died because he got to them. Anyway, we separated her from him the last few days to make sure that did not happen again.

So last Thursday, I woke up early and decided to check on Layla, the mother, because I could not go back to sleep. She had four babies during the night, which happens often, my friend told me, so when they are in the wild, they can be ready to move on if they need to; a brilliant way that God designed them. They are animals of prey, so they need to be on the alert all the time.

Three of the babies survived and are healthy and the other one looked as if it were not totally developed. I had to take care of disposing of it because Terry was out of town. He had handled it last time. I have to admit, God was taking care of me because I handled the whole thing pretty well on my own.

God was taking care of me in another way, in that a week or two after my oldest child leaves for college, I am preoccupied with new babies. How exciting!

It was like Christmas morning every morning, going into Anna’s room to see if Layla had given birth, yet. And then, finally, it was Christmas morning last Thursday. I told Anna as we were sitting there, watching Layla with her babies and she said, “Yeah. Last Christmas, I got two guinea pigs, this Christmas, I got three.”

A few minutes later, I said it again and she said, “You said that mom.”

I said, “I know but I’m still feeling it.”

A few days later, we took these pictures.

Lagging In Posting

I know it’s been a while since I have posted on here. Terry and I have been sick with what we suspect is food poisoning. It hasn’t been fun. Something else happened this week, making things around here kind of crazy. Here’s why:




Thursday morning, I came into Anna’s room, where we had Layla separated from Nibbles, the father. Anna had her set up in a drawer, which she didn’t seem to mind. We had bought a basket that could double as an igloo and Layla liked to sleep under it.
Layla made the little rumbling noise that guinea pigs make when they are scared. She would made it every time I entered the room, so at first, I thought things were the same. When I lifted up the basket, I thought she was still pregnant because it was dark but then I saw movement. I looked closer and saw three babies poking out from under her.
“Oh, Layla,” I said.
She looked at me like, “Please don’t hurt my babies.”
Layla had the babies sometime during the night, which happens a lot. She had already cleaned them off, so we missed that part. One baby was dead-it looked as though it was not fully developed. That is all right because we still have three healthy babies that Layla is feeding and taking care of.
Those photos were taken a few hours after we discovered the babies, so they were still in their first day of life. Guinea pig babies are born with eyes open, fur, teeth and the ability to walk. They follow her everywhere. One always lags behind, the runt, I think. The second day, it kept getting separated from it’s mother and would start squeaking really loud. Sometimes, Anna, my daughter, would pick it up and put it back in line with the others. They actually move in a single-file line. It is so cute!
So, please forgive the lagging in posting. Having babies is truly life-changing.

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