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Jack The Ripper Fact-Fridays


This is a photo of a copy of a letter that the Ripper wrote to Scotland Yard. This letter, among others, can be pulled out of sleeves of a book that I have on the Ripper, entitled Jack The Ripper: The Casebook.
If you are having a hard time reading it, this is what it says:
October 1888

I take great pleasure
In giving you my present whereabouts for the benefit of the Scotland Yard Boys. I am very
sorry that I did not have time to finish my work with the London whores”?” for a short while. I am now safe in New York and will travel next”?” to Philadelphia and when I have the lay of the locality-I might take a notion to do a little ripping there. Good bye. dear friend & I will let you here from me before long with a little more cutting and ripping. I said so and I fancy I will make it 40 on account of the slight delay in operations
Yours lovingly
the ripper”

This letter, to me, shows that he was planning to kill people in America. Ripper-like murders happened in New York and Philadelphia, later on.

Jack the Ripper Fact-Fridays

The name “Jack the Ripper” came from the murderer, himself. The “Dear Boss” letter that the police received is signed at the bottom using the name for the first time. The name was adopted from there and has been used ever since.

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