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O Is For Outside For Grass!!!

My friend, who now owns Meatball, told me that I could take the piggies outside for grass, that they love grass. I tried it and boy, she was right! They loved it. Whenever it is warm enough, or not too hot, I take them outside for grass. I bought a pet playpen to use outside, to keep them from running off. They munch away, totally contented.
Yesterday, it was nice outside, so I took them out. I have to take them out separately or I will have more guinea pigs in a couple of months. I took the boys out first and they enjoyed the sun. It was really windy, so they avoided the wind, hiding in the carrier that I brought them out in.
When I took the girls out, they seemed to do the same; until Anna came home from school. She removed their hiding place and rearranged the playpen, to see what the girls would do. We even brought Speckles out to see if she could get along with Taylor but Taylor picked on her. Anna rearranged the playpen so Taylor could not get to Speckles.

Here is some pictures from yesterday:











A Vain Endorsement For Smurfette

Vanity: ( Vanity Smurf is holding his famous mirror out in front of him and admiring himself until he is told that the camera is rolling)

Hmm, oh! Hey, there! I’m Vanity Smurf and I have a message for you. ( Exagerrates clearing his throat. Holds his arms out)

( Like he’s reading Shakespeare) (more…)

You Can Start Over

These are notes I took from Phillip’s lesson.
Life is not like a white board or making a movie-where you can shoot scenes again if it is not right.
2 Cor. 5.14-21-Paul says God has immeasurable love for us, sent His Son as payment for us-making us a “new creation”.
Kind of like criminals can be put in the Witness Protection Program.
vs 18-21-God wanted to be close to us-problem, our sin stood in the way-dilemma of the whole Bible–so, God made Christ carrier of our sins-God no longer holds our sins against us in Christ-like a bill with no balance.
Through Christ, we can be reconciled to God.
Did you know the soldiers at Gettysburg had a reunion 50 yrs. later-meetings, meals, reenactment-same soldiers who fought in the battle but with no weapons-instead of shooting, they embraced.
We all need to be reconciled with God-the love of God is the mightiest force. The only thing is if you want to do it.

How you can start over:
1) set new goals in Christ 2 Cor. 5:14-15-“…live no longer for themselves but for Him”-values change
2) see people differently-vs 16-17-“regard no one according to flesh; old things have passed away-a new creation…”
You have a new relationship with your past.
3) move on from bad experiences-with Christ’s help, from how you think and feel toward people. Other people may have wronged you in the past but don’t let them destroy you. It really is about you and God.

You can start over:
People have a hard time accepting change in us but God doesn’t. It takes time for them but from the 1st day, God will let you be a new person.
John 3:16-“…born again…”
1 John 2-“may not sin, if, we have an advocate…”

Fewer Words Thursdays-Serenity

Today’s prompt for “Fewer Words Thursday” is Serenity. Please join Andrea and I on our quest, once again to write a post positively and in few words.
I thought it was odd that today’s prompt was on serenity because last night, I asked a couple of people to pray for me because of a therapist appointment I had today. It was my first appointment and I was really nervous about it. I have a traumatic memory from my childhood that is trying to come through and was afraid he would unlock it today but it was a “getting info.” kind of appt. today. I prayed last night and was not nearly as scared today. I sort of felt a serenity and that I could deal with it. I told God last night that if anyone could help me, it would be Him. I believed and He did help me.
I can’t describe how thankful I am. It brings me a little closer to understanding His love for me!

Supernatural-For Family

Holly Green
I found this video on youtube from Supernatural. I saw a rerun of this episode recently and was thinking about family in general-what all you do for your family. This clip definitely shows how far Sam would have to go for family.
This is what is happening in the clip. The demon that killed their mom and Sam’s girlfriend has possessed their father and he has already beaten Sam up a little bit. He has Sam and Dean pinned to the wall and is patronizing them a bit. Their father gets the demon to unpin them from the wall and Sam goes for the colt, a weapon made in the 1800’s that can kill any kind of creature The problem is, it only has one bullet left in it.
Their father has a moment of lucidity and tells Sam to shoot it. Sam is having a hard time and I know I would too.
There is one curse-sob that Dean says to the demon after he says, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”. I apologize for that and don’t know how to take it out.
Would you be able to shoot your dad if the demon responsible for killing your mom and girlfriend was inside him?
How far could you go for family?

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