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October Fact A Day

The popular image of Frankenstein’s monster is a green, square-headed thing with bolts coming out of the side of his head and only able to speak in moans but that is Hollywood’s version of him. Mary Shelley’s monster was made up of parts of dead men, sewn together, looking like a man, but with patches of various shades of skin and able to communicate with his maker, learning words as the story went along.

October Fact A Day

Halloween, my favorite time of year; well except for summer. I love the sunshine but get depressed without it; so I can’t say everything about this time is my favorite: just Halloween. Putting out decorations, the excess of candy, all the good classics come on tv-Frankenstein, Dracula, The Ghost of Mrs. Muir, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and many others. So, to celebrate, I am going to do a post a day about all things Halloweeny. It will be like my Jack the Ripper facts-one fact a day.
If anyone knows any interesting facts having to do with all things scary- a fact about a scary author, movie, director, Halloween itself, a killer or anything else, I invite you to join me. I will post your fact for the day and give you credit (and that will be one day I won’t have to look one up :)). So, if you know something cool about Halloween, give me your facts.
I will start today with the first fact, one that is dear to my heart and shows me that great ideas can come from anywhere!
When Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, she had gone on a weekend away in New England with her husband, Percy Shelley, their good friend, Lord Byron and his fiancée. A terrible storm came, forcing them to stay indoors. To take care of the boredom, they decided to have a contest to see who could write the scariest story. Everyone but Mary was writing along and talking excitedly about their new ideas. Then, that night Mary had a nightmare. The thunder and lightning scared her in her sleep and she dreamed that the lightning brought a dead man to life and he had walked into her room and was approaching her bed. She woke up screaming.
So guess who won the contest and guess who published a book afterward? You guessed it! Her friends encouraged her to write it down and the rest is history. 🙂

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