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Moving To Texas

Hey, everyone! Speckles, the guinea pig here! Miss Holly asked me to give you an update on how we’re doing. A bunch of big people came into our house and made a lot of noise. It scared us pretty bad, so Miss Holly or Anna took us outside sometimes, for grass and to get away from the noisy people.
Miss Holly and Anna took apart our cages and put us in these smaller cages. Nibbles is fine, but Layla, my mom, keeps biting me when she gets tired of me trying to lean up against her. Miss Holly says I’m getting on her nerves, whatever that means! I’m just scared and I want my big cage back. Oh, Miss Holly says I’m getting it back soon but I don’t know that.
After all the noise, they put us in the car, in the floorboard of the back seat and rode for a reeeeally long time. Then, we went into this huuuge house and stayed in a little bitty room. I’m not sure why, since the house was so big. Miss Holly says its called a hotel. Our family turned on the tv and laughed a lot before going to sleep. Anna had to keep getting out of her bed to get Layla to be nice to me.
The next day, we got in the car again and rode for a reeeeally long time again, until we stopped at another hotel. The family talked and laughed again, except for Miss Holly-she slept and got up before everybody else. Then, she took us outside, where there was trees and flowers, and let us look at them from way high up. She says it’s called a balcony.
Then we got in the car again! We rode for a reeeeally long time again and stayed in another hotel. Miss Holly and Anna had to keep getting onto Layla for making me cry. The family was on their computers, except for Stephanie. She felt bad, took a shower and went to sleep until Anna went in the bathroom and came out again. She was upset and people kept coming into the bathroom and leaving again. Then, we all had to leave the room and go to one across the hall, and yes, Stephanie had to wake up and move to another bed. Miss Holly says it was because we had no hot water. Anna said it was because Stephanie took it all, but Stephanie said that’s not possible for a hotel.
Anyway, Anna went in the bathroom and ran the water for a while and came out all wet. I guess the hot water worked. Oh, not that the family didn’t have a shower until then. They did that in every hotel room! I don’t know why, I hate baths!
The next day, we got in the car again and rode for a reeeeally long time. Then, we stopped at our new house. The house was empty and the family spent the night in different rooms this time, on blow-up beds. I kept bugging Layla throughout the night and Miss Holly kept getting onto us.
Miss Holly wants me to stop talking now, but I want to tell you about our back yard. It’s really fun! Miss Holly wants to save that for next time. Until then, here are some pictures of our trip and the balcony we got to see.






Getting Ready To Go

It’s been a while but I wanted to give an update on our moving situation. Anna is doing better about moving. It will take a while but she’s coming around.
I have been through every room in the house-deciding what to keep, throw away or sell. It feels really good to get rid of stuff-and since we won’t have room for everything we need to get rid of it anyway.
I thought I was done when I remembered the linen closet. D’Oh! Oh well! It’s just one closet.
We have also been selling stuff on eBay and Craigslist. Woo hoo!
I took Nibbles to the Vet again and he has a lesion on his heart or lung-the Vet couldn’t tell. Nibbles is on his third round of antibiotics-a human one this time, and Lasix. He has improved. His breathing is a little faster and easier. His appetite has picked up and he is more jumpy, like a normal guinea pig should be.
We found a home for Theo and Herbie. The couple was sweet and they couldn’t stop smiling.
We are still trying to find a home for Taylor. And now, I’m not sure what to do because I think she might be pregnant. I don’t know how-Anna’s got some ‘splaining to do. Is anyone going to want a pregnant guinea pig? Will I be able to see the babies before we give her away?
Only time will tell. 🙂

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