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Getting Ready To Go

It’s been a while but I wanted to give an update on our moving situation. Anna is doing better about moving. It will take a while but she’s coming around.
I have been through every room in the house-deciding what to keep, throw away or sell. It feels really good to get rid of stuff-and since we won’t have room for everything we need to get rid of it anyway.
I thought I was done when I remembered the linen closet. D’Oh! Oh well! It’s just one closet.
We have also been selling stuff on eBay and Craigslist. Woo hoo!
I took Nibbles to the Vet again and he has a lesion on his heart or lung-the Vet couldn’t tell. Nibbles is on his third round of antibiotics-a human one this time, and Lasix. He has improved. His breathing is a little faster and easier. His appetite has picked up and he is more jumpy, like a normal guinea pig should be.
We found a home for Theo and Herbie. The couple was sweet and they couldn’t stop smiling.
We are still trying to find a home for Taylor. And now, I’m not sure what to do because I think she might be pregnant. I don’t know how-Anna’s got some ‘splaining to do. Is anyone going to want a pregnant guinea pig? Will I be able to see the babies before we give her away?
Only time will tell. 🙂

Update On Nibbles

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog. After the insanity of the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I took a couple of weeks off. I wanted, however, to let you know how Nibbles is doing. The truth is, I’m not sure.
After taking him to the Vet, I gave him every dose of his 2 antibiotics, seeing as last time I had kind of slacked off. He has also had his Vitamin C every day.
I called the Vet when Nibbles was almost finished with his medicine he said that he believed Nibbles is over an apparent initial bacterial infection but if his breathing is still off, which it is, either he has a stubborn pneumonia or possibly something wrong with his heart. He suggested I bring Nibbles back in but I had to tell him that I have to wait a week or two, when we have the money.
In the meantime, he finished his antibiotics and I cleaned his cage, putting less bedding in it. If he has allergies, I was hoping that would help but it didn’t seem to do much. I also cleaned the carpet with the wet vac. I did about half of the room where some of the urine stains from them running around were. I figured that was a factor, since Steph, Anna and I get stuffy noses if we are in the room for long periods of time.
About a week after he started his medicine, Nibbles started acting like he was feeling better and exploring some. He was running around, not as much as the other piggies but he is still active and eating.
I have been watching the pollen count and when it is up, Nibbles’ breathing is worse; when it is down, his breathing is not as bad. I do need to take him back and let the Vet look at him and see him for himself because he has a better idea about Nibbles’ progress than over the phone.
We went out of town the day after I vacuumed and Nibbles didn’t seem to be doing that well. I picked him up to tell him goodbye and I could feel him exhaling in my hands. It really scared me and we haven’t been back home yet. That was Wednesday and we head back Sunday. The kids are home with the piggies and I am sure Anna will call us if she thinks he is really bad.
We did leave in the morning and he seems worse in the morning. The vacuuming may have stirred things up, at least I hope. I don’t want to think that he is worse. I told him, though, “You be here when I get back.”
Keep him in your prayers, or maybe me, that I can let him go if I need to.


T Is For Theo (The Saboteur)

It’s another day of the 2012 A to Z Blogging Challenge and today’s letter is “T”. During this challenge, I have been talking about guinea pigs and a lot of times, my own. Today is no different. Theo’s name starts with a “T”, so there you go.
In the above photo, Theo is doing a really good job of giving me a, “please let me out to run around” face. He is very good at that. I deemed him-the saboteur, though. He does a great job of being cute and giving me a small squeak-not even a full squeak so I let him out-then he starts messing with my stuff.
He started wanting me to let him out because he saw that I let Nibbles out to run around. I finally decided to one day, when I needed to clean his cage. I thought, “Why not?”
As soon as he was out, he started chattering his teeth-something piggies do to one another right before a fight-and trotting around the cages-almost like he was announcing, “I’m the man!”
I was shocked; I thought he would be all cute and run around shyly-not at all.
We bought Theo in October, to be a cage mate for Nibbles because guinea pigs are social animals and need to other piggies to be with. This did not work out and Theo ended up in a cage by himself until Herbie was born. He and Nibbles could not get along. They fought, as in drawing blood fought. In fact, if you notice how the hair on the right side of his face sticks out and does not look right, that’s because of one of their fights. It never grew back right.
As far as his saboteuring, one day, I had Theo out while I cleaned his cage. He came up to my roll of paper towels and knocked them over. He let out three short squeaks and ran off. Another time, I had his droppings in the dust pan that I use to clean out the cages. He came over and walked around the dust pan until he had knocked them out onto the floor. He’s a rascal!
Well, I’ve talked too much already, so I need to go. Stay tuned for “U” and more to Theo’s story tomorrow.

R Is For Rumblestrut

Welcome to day 20 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  Today’s letter is “R” and that stands for Rumblestrut.  Rumblestrutting is when a guinea pig wants to woo one of the opposite sex and it sways it’s hips, walking slowly in front of the other.  The piggie is hoping this will result in mating.  Nibbles does it all the time to the girls, when I let him out of the cage to run around.

A guinea pig will also do this to let the other know that he or she is the boss.  As I mentioned before, guinea pigs have a hierarchy that they constantly follow. Layla does this to Taylor, sometimes.  When she weaned her babies from her milk, she began to rumblestrut to let them know she was in charge.

When we introduced Theo to Herbie, Theo did it to tell him who the boss is.  They do it until the other piggie gets the idea, then they do it every so often to remind them.

have a video of Nibbles rumblestrutting in front of Layla, TAylor and Speckles but poor, Nibbles, Speckles was more interested in getting a drink at the moment.

N Is For Nibbles (The Little Man)

Nibbles and I have a special connection. I call him “the little man” because he is a man in human terms and he is little. We also call him “Houdini”.
Wanna know why?

We had to start putting the top on his cage after he figured out how to escape from it. That silly boy!
He just wants to see the girls. He seems to have a problem with that. Every time I let him out of the cage, he goes straight to the girls’ cages and hangs out. He does run around a little bit but he always goes back to them.
He was one of the first two piggies we got-who was supposed to be a girl. I read later, that pet stores lie to you often, when you buy the guinea pigs. What’s the point of that? Aren’t you going to find out eventually?
Anyway, Nibbles whines when I go up to see them, putting his paws on the door of his cage, ready to go out. He knows I’ll give in. He’s a funny boy. He’s also my favorite, if you have not figured it out, by now.
Here’s a picture I took of him, when I had him on a blanket next to me, while I worked on my blog. I like this one because it looks like he’s smiling. He probably is. Sometimes, the piggies just want to be with you.


J Is For Jumping

Welcome to a very cold day, here in Virginia. Is it cold where you live? It seems like Spring just can’t make up its mind. Today, we celebrate the letter “J” and “J” is for “Jumping”.That’s right, I said jumping. We didn’t know the piggies could jump until we had one of them on a chair and all of a sudden, it was on the floor. I asked Anna if she had put it on the floor and she said she hadn’t. I knew I had not, so it must have jumped down. Soon after, it happened again.
Since then, piggies have appeared on the floor after we set them on the couch, upstairs. Actually, I believe it was the same one-Nibbles. He wants to see the girls.
I have actually witnessed the guinea pigs jumping-over chair legs, over ties that we used to make one of the cages (and they stick out on the front of the cage, so piggies running around the room and going around the cages sometimes jump over the cable ties. Even Herbie can do it now.
What’s funny is that I have read on guinea pig websites that they cannot jump. They haven’t seen my piggies! I have seen some guinea pigs on youtube jumping over obstacles in an obstacle course. I would love to make one but have not figured out how. Any ideas?
Also, I will have to make some changes to some of my posts, that I was trying to put videos on or the video was there and is not there any longer. I apologize for the problems.
Join me tomorrow and find out what piggies do that humans do, too, as a greeting-(and it starts with the letter “K”).

G Is For Giggle

The guinea pigs make me giggle, sometimes. Herbie, the baby, gets so excited when someone comes into the room. He starts squeaking to say “Hi”.
Taylor makes me laugh when she runs around the room. Her sister, Speckles makes me laugh when she walks on my feet. Nibbles walks on my feet, too.
Herbie and Theo play with each other. I think Herbie bugs Theo sometimes.
When the babies were little I put Nibbles in their cage, trying to figure out if his behavior could tell me what sex they were. They were running up to him and running away from him. One of the babies ran inside a hidey house, just the size for a baby guinea pig. Nibbles tried to go in and got his head stuck. I could not stop laughing. He finally pulled his head free and gave me a hurt look like, “Hey, that’s not funny.”. It was.
One day, I introduced the babies to their father on the stairs, an unfamiliar territory, so he would not be territorial with them. Two of the three babies were following him. The other one was by me, while i was filming. Sometimes he chased them, sometimes they chased him. They were so much faster than him, they would be gone by the time he turned around. They ended up backing him into a corner. By the way, I give myself permission to post this video from my youtube channel on this site
Here’s what happened:

Both were OK.  You hear one baby cry out, I think because Nibbles pushed her against the wall.  I checked them both after I filmed it.  They were fine.  You hear me say smething at the end because I was afraid they were hurt, but since they weren’t, it’s funny to me now.  Nibbles kept trying to sniff their rear ends, so that is what he is doing in the video.  He knew they were female.  He could have told me then.  🙂

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