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So Many People…So Much Fun

Wow!  I’ve added two categories in the last day.  Andrea sent me this one this morning.  It is called “5 minute friday” and yes, it is supposed to be lower-cased (even though it is driving me insane, to look at) but it is fun to type with no English teacher standing over your shoulder.  I almost feel like I’m free to draw on the wall, or something.

Anyway, does anyone want to join me?  The rules are…5 minutes of writing…no editing…no going over!  Clicking on this photo to the left will take you to last person’s post-at least, that’s what happened when I clicked on it.  Andrea said it might take you to the post of origin–if you read at the bottom–it says thegypsymama–that is your origin.  She has prompts–and Andrea didn’t do this week’s so I think I won’t either.  However, the prompt for today is waking up.

By the way, this introduction did not count.  So…….here goes! (more…)

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