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Jack The Ripper Fact-Fridays

The East End was not just famous for the Ripper murders. In June of 1887, a Jewish man, Israel Lipski, had poisoned a fellow Jew by the name of Miriam Angel, by pouring nitric acid down her throat. He was hanged but much anti-Semitism resulted toward the Jews in the area. By 1888, the term, “Lipski”, was used to insult someone of Jewish descent.


Jack The Ripper Fact-Fridays

“Sir- A remarkable incident in connection with the above [presumably he had headed his letter with some reference to the murders] is that in no one instance has it been found the the victim made any noise or cry while being done to death. my assistant suggests a theory in reference to the very remarkable fact, which strikes me as having something in it, and as such ought to be made public.
The theory is that the murderer goes about with a vial of rum or brandy in his pocket drugged with an opiate- such as a solution of morphia, which is almost if not quite tasteless- that he offers a swig of it to his victims which they would all be likely to greedily accept when he meets them: that in about ten to twenty minutes the poison begins to do its work on constitutions well soaked with alcohol, and that then they are easily dispatched without fear of making any noise or call for assistance.
Having been out of town lately for my holidays, I have not followed the evidence at the inquests but there are two questions which I would require clearing up, if there is anything in this theory- First, Have the stomachs of most of them been ripped open to do away with the evidence of poisoning in this manner: and second, has any analysis of the contents of the stomachs been made? – Yours respectfully…”
Correspondence sent to the “Daily Telegraph” by Dr. Roderick MacDonald, the Coroner for North-East Middlesex
Quote taken from “Prisoner 1167: The Madman Who Was Jack The Ripper” by James Tully

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