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H Is For Herbert (Herbie/The Baby)

Welcome to the letter “H”. I have the Piggie Family Tree up on my blog now, so you can refer to it by viewing the pages I have and you will see it there. All the piggies are there, with the help of Terry. Here we go! This post is brought to you by the letter “H”.
Herbie is the baby of the bunch. He was born on December 4 and we didn’t know Speckles was pregnant. He was a surprise.
He is really fast. Really fast. In fact, you have to corner him to catch him. I call him Herbie after Herbie the Lovebug. His name was changed from Ginger after we found out he was a boy. Anna, my daughter named all the piggies and she decided on Herbert. Personally, I hate the name. He is way too cute for such an ugly name. So I call him Herbie. I have a video of him when he was just a few weeks old. We gave Speckles a break and were playing with him on the stair. Here you go: Sir Herbert and his little noises that babies make:

G Is For Giggle

The guinea pigs make me giggle, sometimes. Herbie, the baby, gets so excited when someone comes into the room. He starts squeaking to say “Hi”.
Taylor makes me laugh when she runs around the room. Her sister, Speckles makes me laugh when she walks on my feet. Nibbles walks on my feet, too.
Herbie and Theo play with each other. I think Herbie bugs Theo sometimes.
When the babies were little I put Nibbles in their cage, trying to figure out if his behavior could tell me what sex they were. They were running up to him and running away from him. One of the babies ran inside a hidey house, just the size for a baby guinea pig. Nibbles tried to go in and got his head stuck. I could not stop laughing. He finally pulled his head free and gave me a hurt look like, “Hey, that’s not funny.”. It was.
One day, I introduced the babies to their father on the stairs, an unfamiliar territory, so he would not be territorial with them. Two of the three babies were following him. The other one was by me, while i was filming. Sometimes he chased them, sometimes they chased him. They were so much faster than him, they would be gone by the time he turned around. They ended up backing him into a corner. By the way, I give myself permission to post this video from my youtube channel on this site
Here’s what happened:

Both were OK.  You hear one baby cry out, I think because Nibbles pushed her against the wall.  I checked them both after I filmed it.  They were fine.  You hear me say smething at the end because I was afraid they were hurt, but since they weren’t, it’s funny to me now.  Nibbles kept trying to sniff their rear ends, so that is what he is doing in the video.  He knew they were female.  He could have told me then.  🙂

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