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H Is For Herbert (Herbie/The Baby)

Welcome to the letter “H”. I have the Piggie Family Tree up on my blog now, so you can refer to it by viewing the pages I have and you will see it there. All the piggies are there, with the help of Terry. Here we go! This post is brought to you by the letter “H”.
Herbie is the baby of the bunch. He was born on December 4 and we didn’t know Speckles was pregnant. He was a surprise.
He is really fast. Really fast. In fact, you have to corner him to catch him. I call him Herbie after Herbie the Lovebug. His name was changed from Ginger after we found out he was a boy. Anna, my daughter named all the piggies and she decided on Herbert. Personally, I hate the name. He is way too cute for such an ugly name. So I call him Herbie. I have a video of him when he was just a few weeks old. We gave Speckles a break and were playing with him on the stair. Here you go: Sir Herbert and his little noises that babies make:

B Is For Bully-Taylor

Welcome to day 2 of the A to Z challenge! Let’s get started.
This is a picture of our babies when they were babies. Taylor is the one on the bottom left. Meatball is next to her. Speckles is behind them. That picture was taken on the day they were born. This next picture is what she looks like, now, at 7 months old.

Guinea pigs have a hierarchy within their pack. They always have to decide who is the boss of the pack. When the babies were about a week old, I noticed that Taylor would always push her sisters out of the way of the food bowl or the water bottle. My guess is she was the first-born. The babies were born in the night, which is usually the way it is, so I do not know who was born first. Taylor acts like a first-born.
Even when she was a week old, she was trying to eat from the food bowl and her mother, Layla pushed her out of the way. So, she just sat in the food bowl and started eating. I thought, “Wow, Taylor! That’s how to get the food.”
As she got older, I noticed that she always knocked, Meatball, the youngest, we think, out of the way of the water bottle or food bowl. Meatball would just go off and do something else for a few minutes and go back and try again.
When Meatball was eight weeks old, we gave her to a family we are friends with, who love her to death. Everything was peaceful in the cage with Layla and her two daughters, Taylor and Speckles for several months. Layla started demonstrating that she was the boss, by walking by them slowly and making a purring sound. That is supposed to intimidate the other piggies. They understood.
Then, in December, Speckles had a baby. We didn’t even know she was pregnant. Taylor attacked the baby on the day it was born. I could not believe it. So much for being a good aunt. Naturally, we had to take Speckles and the baby out of the cage and put them in a play pen until the baby was weaned from her.
I tried putting Speckles back in the cage with Layla and Taylor but Taylor would not have it. They kept acting like they were going to get into a fight. Since the baby was a boy, I could not put Speckles back in the pen with him because he would want to mate with her. I know, gross, right?
Taylor gets along great with humans, it’s just other guinea pigs. She’s so bossy!

As you can see from this picture, she’s very big, bigger than her sisters, and almost as big as Layla, her mother. She still understands that Layla is the boss and has no problem with that.
Here’s another picture of Taylor after we gave her a bath-look how puffy the hair gets! It’s hilarious! We gave the piggies baths today and Taylor was the best behaved. Who would have thought? But we’re not guinea pigs-we’re humans, so she behaves for us. That silly girl!

Well, that’s it for today! Join me tomorrow, to hear a rare guinea pig sound.

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