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EVERYTHING Happens When You Go Out Of Town

I know it has been a while since I posted regularly. The past few weeks have been crazy. Steph is home from college, which threw off my schedule, at first, but I don’t mind. She got a summer job, so it has made things more normal for me.
We went out of town from Wednesday to Sunday and a lot of things happened. In short, here’s a list:
Anna went to a party she wasn’t supposed to go to-and Steph had no idea where she was…
Steph got sick with a 101 fever…
Anna had a nosebleed and got blood in several rooms in the house…
Steph burned the carpet with her straightener…
Speckles made the rare “chirping” sound that I blogged about, but at 3 o’clock in the morning-about an hour after Terry and I got home…
Well, I think that’s about it. Steph said if we leave again, Anna is going with us because as she said, “Never again.”
Why is it that this stuff always happens when you’re gone?
You gotta love it!

From Foster Home To Christian:Meet Ashley

Hey y’all! How was your Christmas? I hope everyone had a good one. If you were missing someone, I prayed for you and hope you made it through.
This Christmas was different for me because I had a child come home from college and the anticipation sent me all over the house, cleaning. If you want to know what that is like, if you have kids, remember when you were pregnant and you wanted the house to look perfect for the baby, even though it would not know one way or another? It’s pretty much the same thing.
She called, several weeks ago, asking if she could bring a friend home for Christmas. We said, “Sure”, but I had no idea what was in store for me.
A week before they came, the mother called me-or I should say the family she is staying with. Her name is Ashley, and she is over 18, so she cannot be in Foster Care. In fact, Ashley told me that when you are in a foster home, they kick you out on your 18th birthday. She lived in several foster homes and was living with her grandmother when a family at church asked if Ashley could live with them before her grandmother could kick her out.
The mother of this family told me that Ashley was abandoned by her mother at the age of three. She came from a large family and her mother could not take care of all them. Out of the whole family, Ashley is the only one who is still faithful to the Lord.
The mother also assured me that Ashley was really sweet and would do anything I asked her to. I found out that was true because she cleaned up after dinner, last night.
I had no idea what to expect when she came-maybe a shy little girl who is afraid and unsure of herself but oh no!
She hugged me when she first met me and said it was an honor to meet me. No one has ever said that to me before-maybe to the queen but not to me.
She has been all smiles and laughs a lot. You wouldn’t think she comes from such a bad background. She has been enthusiastic about everything we took her to do and has even called me “mom”. 🙂
She was excited to come home with Steph partly because she has never seen snow and got to see it yesterday. Yay!!

To be continued…

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