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Fewer Words Thursday-New Life

Well, it’s that time again.  It is Thursday and you know what that means.  It’s time for “Let My Words Be Few…Thursday”.  This is where I join up with Andrea and we do a positive post in as few words as possible.  We would be deeeeelighted to have anyone join us on this day or any other Thursdays.  The prompt for today is…New Life.
Andrea had a cute little picture of her doggie, who is about to give birth and doesn’t appear to be feeling too well.  It was a sweet post and I will be sending my post to Andrea and you can do the same, after sending your post to me. (more…)

Sleep Lab:I can’t remember, post#2-uhh#3


Holly Green

Aaron woke me up about an hour ago but he was going to go get lunch for us at Wendy’s and he said I could sleep while he was gone-Yes!  Although, I’m not sure how much I slept.  I just finished eating and can hardly explain how I feel.  Part of me feels less sleepy and pat of me feels more sleepy.  How’s that for an explanation?

He keeps asking me how I feel when I go to sleep and when he wakes me up.  Before I took this last nap, when I told him, “tired”, he rubbed my arm a little.  That was nice.  He said I had a lot of “spontaneous arousals”, like I mentioned in part I, where I would just wake up for no reason.  He said he got to looking at the medicine I take and that maybe it is causing me to wake up constantly.  What’s weird is I only remember a few times.  He asked me how I thought I slept and I said I kept waking up, whether jerking awake or a sound waking me up.  Anyway, I take antidepressants and those might be interfering with my sleep.  They can also keep you from reaching stages 4 and 5 of sleep-the deepest sleep you have at night.

I have a crick in my neck, that I woke up with this morning and it barely bothered me at the time; however, the more naps I take, the worse it gets.  I brought my own pillows-I don’t know why it would do this.  C’est la vie!

I forgot to mention that I have not had to wear all 19 wires today.  William took them off of me this morning, except for the ones on my head-which I barely feel.  I can’t wait to wash the gel out of my hair-it was quite a job getting it out.

Sleep Lab:Part 2, post #2

Another view of the beautiful waiting room.


Holly Green

I am sooooo tired.  It doesn’t feel like 11:00 a.m. but it is.  I’m not sure what time if feels like.  I just know I am tired.

Aaron said it took me more than twenty minutes to fall asleep for this past nap.  I’d hardly call it a nap.  I think he let me sleep fifteen to twenty minutes-or is that even right?  He turns on the lights and the TV before he leaves the room every time he wakes me up.  Before I went to sleep, I was feeling more awake than when I first woke up. Now, I just feel groggy again.

I think there is something about having to sleep on command.  I love to sleep and I do not know how long it takes me to fall asleep normally.  Knowing someone is watching you sleep is weird, though.  I never thought I would have trouble going to sleep but I have actually found a situation that has made it hard.  Not to mention, sleeping in a strange bed.

Sunday, I felt really tired and groggy.  I missed church and slept until 2p.m.  Hopefully, we’ll find out why I feel like this, sometimes.

Aaron said I could walk around but I am so tired.  Then again, I look like a hermit.  Maybe I’ll walk around later.  I think I am pretty much worthless, today, except for my blog.  🙂  Oops, I meant useless.

The artwork and furniture in this room are breathtaking.

Sleep Lab: Part 2


Holly Green

Last night, I spent the night in the sleep lab, 1st Class Sleep Studies, again.  I had William as my technician again, so I was happy about that because he was a familiar face and because he was nice.  I did feel more comfortable knowing he would be with me all night instead of having to get to know someone else.

It was the same drill and I had six hours of sleep.  I got there about 9 p.m., and around 9:40 William came in to attach the wires on me.  I told him that I had the most trouble with the wires in my nose, so, he asked his supervisor and took away one of them.  Yay!  Sort of.  It did feel a little more comfortable and did not itch, this time.

I am soooo tired, right now.  It is almost 9 a.m. but William woke me up at 5:45 a.m. and I was to stay up for two hours.  They fed me breakfast an told me to try to stay awake by watching TV, reading a book, etc.  The TV show, Angel was on and it kept my attention.  I had seen a few reruns of this show, so I kind of knew what it was about.  The first episode was a little humorous and that helped to wake me up.

I am still here because they are doing a day study, too.  If this post does not make any sense, that shows how tired I am.  Anyway, they are having me sleep in twenty minute intervals and stay up for about two hours.  We will do this until about 2-4 p.m.  This is supposed to test for insomnia, narcelepsy and some other sleep disorders, one where you are tired all the time.  Now, that one seems to be me.

I think I might do this post in intervals, too.  Does that make sense?  Right now, I am watching The Golden Girls on TV.  I love this show-the different personalities, airhead Rose, slutty Blanche, sarcastic Dorothy and blunt Sophia.  Wow!  I am talking about nothing, aren’t I?  Wow, I just described Seinfeld.  See what I mean?  I can’t believe I am actually able to type anything.

William said I had several episodes of sleep apnea during the night.  He also said my snoring was considerably louder, this time, since I slept so much longer.  He asked me how I thought I slept last night and I said I thought I slept pretty well.  Last night, he told me some people say that when they did not know they woke up many times or did not make it past the first stage of sleep.  William said I did sleep a lot better than last time.

I now have Aaron, William’s supervisor watching over me today.  He’s petty nice also.  I think I am running out of things to say.

This is William, the technician for the second time during my sleep study.

With or Without Contrast


Holly Green

Sometimes, I feel like a ball that is juggled between the doctor, the insurance company and in this case,  the radiology department at the hospital. I took Stephanie to the doctor because she was having a migraine headache that had lasted for three weeks.  He referred us to a neurologist and we drove over an hour to Maryland to his office.  He gave her a few simple tests and told us that she did not have any neurological problems.  He wrote out an order for an MRI and told me to make an appointment and that’s when the trouble started.

I called a hospital in Leesburg to make the appointment and the lady asked, “Is it with contrast or without contrast?

“Uhh, I don’t know.  I think it’s without.”

“We need to know for sure before we can schedule the appointment.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure, since it’s for the brain that it is without.”

“We need to know for sure.”


I knew that contrast was a liquid given to someone who is having an x-ray but I was not sure what it was for.  I knew it had something to do with seeing the area more clearly and that was it. The lady on the phone told me I should be able to see it on the order and I could not tell what it said and she could not either, since I was not able to make out what was written.

So, I hung up and called the neurologist and asked them and the lady on the phone acted she did not know what I was talking about.  I had to try to explain it when I did not totally understand it, myself.  Finally, she asked and I was told it was with and without. OK, now I have my info.

I called and made the appointment, thinking everything was all right.  They told me to bring the order with me and I had it in my purse, safe and sound.

Well, have you ever heard of a doctor forgetting to sign an order?  I hadn’t either, until Thursday.  Terry, Steph and I went for the test.  We were signing in at the hospital radiology clinic and about to fill out a form, when the lady behind the desk said,  “Got to be kidding me.”

“What?”  We all said. “The doctor didn’t sign the order.  We can’t do the MRI without the doctor’s signature.” Terry was furious but discussing it calmly with her, which I could not do, at the time. I wandered over to the couch and sat listening to their discussion.  She tried calling the neurologist’s office but all three doctors were gone for the day-at ten minutes to five.  Therefore, without a signature, we were forced to go home and come back on Tuesday.

The next day, we made some calls and the doctor’s office called Terry back and told him that it was taken care of and we should be able to go through with the MRI on Tuesday. “We’ve just been really busy,” she told him.

“So, you’re telling me,” he said, frustrated, “that you were too busy to sign a doctor’s order.”

They sat there for a pause until she said, “Well, we’ve been really, really busy.” Terry just said OK and left it at that.

When Tuesday came, Terry called  me and told me that he was on the way to pick Steph up from school.

“Why?!?  I’m on my way, now.” He gave me a bunch of excuses about how we were late last week and how I might not come to pick her up.

“What?  I pick her up every day.”

Whatever!  He told me we could ride together and when I pulled into the school parking lot, guess who was pulling out?  What?!?  I followed them to the hospital and had to floor it sometimes to catch up with Terry and Steph.  When we got there, I was furious.  What kind of mother did he think I was?  Did I need to rethink my role as a mother?  We had bigger things to worry about, except for the argument we had in the elevator over it.

When we walked in and the lady asked if we had our order, we all started explaining at once how the doctor’s office was supposed to have taken care of that since last Thursday.  First, she looked like she did not believe us, then, she figured that since we were all talking at the same time, we must be telling the truth.  While she put her head down and searched through a stack of papers, I feel the tension between all three of us and I knew I was not the only one who was going to come unglued if she did not find it.

“Here it is,” she said, breaking the silence. Steph and Terry stood there, filling out her paperwork, with me feeling like the third wheel, until she lady told us that the order was only for “without contrast” and that the insurance company only approved “without contrast”.  I butted in and told her how I talked to the doc’s office and they told me it was for both.  So, evidently, he forgot to put “with contrast” on the order.  What is wrong with these people?!

We sat down to wait for her to be called and I discussed my dilemma with Terry that if I called the doc’s office, I would have to go outside, where I had service and they might call her back for the MRI and I would miss it.  Oh well. That’s when Steph started telling me about how Terry was mad the whole way there and convinced they were going to be late.  Now, it all made sense, (at least, with Terry).  He was worried about the test and was trying to control more things, so he would not feel so helpless.  Ohhhh.

“Why can’t you just calm down and trust that everything will be OK?”

How could I say that?  Call it “mother’s instinct”.  I just felt like everything OK and they would not find anything serious.  If you are a mother, you know what I’m talking about.  I wish the instinct reached to dads, too, for Terry’s sake.

When the technician called Steph back, he told us only one of us could go with her or none of us and she would be back.  Terry said he did not care but I wanted to be in there, so I went back.  The tech’s name was Matt and he was very nice and personable.  He asked us a couple of questions about her headaches and she mentioned being hit by the car when she was three.  That was when she had her last MRI and when the migraines began.  She was not having them for three weeks, straight, though. Matt was surprised that she was not permanently damaged by it and told her she was not finished with life; she had more to accomplish.  That was sweet.

He got her settled on the table and a cage around her head.  I would have died but she was fine.  I do not know how. I sat in a chair right outside the room, where he monitored her and I learned THE TRUTH about “contrast”.

“Most doctors don’t know everything about MRI’s and and don’t know the difference between contrast and no contrast,” he told me.  “They just fill out the order for both to make sure they get everything.  Actually, the insurance company does not approve the use of contrast because they know it is rarely needed for the test.  The radiologist goes along with the order for both or sometimes overrides the doctor’s order if he knows the contrast is not needed.”

If they were to see a mass, they would then add contrast to an IV and administer it to see what type of mass it is and if it is filling. (If I got that right.)  In other words, if we requested a test with contrast, we would be paying out of our own pocket for a test that was not necessary.

“Sounds like we were better off not having the MRI on Thursday,” I said.

That is because we would have paid hundreds of dollars for something that is rarely needed.  Boy, am I glad Matt told me that.  I sure felt better about Steph not being able to have the test the first time. I felt even better when he did not see any masses during the test.

Matt also told me that the radiologist, the person who actually reads the MRI scan, has 15 years of school and makes $150 K a year.  That’s a lot of school and a lot of money.  I think I’d rather listen to the radiologist rather than the doctor.

He gave me a lot of helpful info in a short amount of time and said, "Wow! I've never made it to a blog, before."

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