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Talk About Taking Advantage Of Your Power

Terry found this and I just had to share it. This does not count as my Z post.
Ultimate revenge? Recently dumped dentist removes all of her ex’s teeth
Apr 30, 2012
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A recently dumped Polish dentist got revenge on her former boyfriend by removing all of his teeth causing his new girlfriend to give him the boot as well, the New York Daily News reported.

Anna Mackowiak, 34, agreed to treat a toothache for her ex-boyfriend, Marek Olszewski, 45, just a few days after he had broken up with her. According to the New York Daily News, Mackowiak initially tried to be professional about the process but had a sudden change of heart when she saw him lying in her chair.

That’s when Mackowiak allegedly gave Olszweski a massive dose of anesthetic and took out every single one of his teeth. After the procedure, she wrapped his jaw in bandages to keep him from opening his mouth and then she left.

According to the New York Daily News, Olszewski knew something was wrong as soon as he woke up, but he didn’t realize the full horror until he got home and looked in his mirror.

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W Is For What’s Wrong With Nibbles?

Hey, y’all! I am surviving another day of this challenge and it is almost over. I was going to talk about piggies wheeking when they are fed but I could not get a good video of them doing it.
Instead, I’m spending a little time talking about Nibbles, my favorite out of the bunch. He has something wrong with him and I’m not sure if it is his teeth or a respiratory infection.
He breathes heavy and is not eating much. He gets excited at feeding time but doesn’t eat as much as the other piggies. When I held him, the other day, I noticed that the hair under his chin was sticky, like it had been wet and had since dried. That can be a sign of drooling, I think. If his teeth are overgrown, he could be drooling from that.
He also has a stuffy nose but no coughing or sneezing. Maybe it’s from breathing with his mouth open. Tonight, he looks scared to be handled. It’s like he knows he needs treatment and is afraid. Who knows?
I have read all kinds of terrible stories on the Internet about piggies having tooth problems and dying from complications or from the anesthetic if a procedure has to be done. If his teeth need to be filed they will knock him out for that.
I am taking to a different vet tomorrow than I usually take him to, one that is in Fairfax and specializes in exotic pets-which is what Nibbles is. I just hope it doesn’t cost too much and that it doesn’t end up harming him worse. I only want him to be rid of this once and for all-it’s been going on for months-with 2 trips to the vet already.


A Is For Appetite

Welcome, one and all, to the 2012 A to Z Blogging Challenge! Are you as excited as I am? My challenge, and yours, if you signed up, (if not, there’s always next year), is to blog every day this month using topics that start with the letter that corresponds to the day, with the exclusion of Sundays. Since this is April 1st, the challenge begins today and will be the only Sunday that applies. The letter for today is A. Should you choose to accept this challenge, you will receive a badge at the end of the month that you can display on your site.


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