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Fewer Words Thursday-1000 views!!!!! And I lived to see it

First of all, I want to sincerely thank everybody that contributed to the first 1000 views of my blog. Yay!! It is exciting. I appreciate every person coming to my blog and viewing everything that they have viewed.
Now for the real stuff. Fewer words Thursday is supposed to be in praise to God, and boy, do I have something to praise Him for. The other day, we were at Universal Studios’ Adventure Island. The main reason we went was to see Harry Potter World. I was taking Stephanie while Terry took Anna to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
On the way in, we asked a woman who worked there about this ride in Harry Potter World called Forbidden Hogwart’s Tour.
“Oh no,” she said, “it’s really mild. I hate roller coasters too and I have no reason to lie to you. ”
Right. It scared me half to death and at one point, I could feel my heart pounding, fearing I would have a heart attack. I started getting sick at my stomach and thinking that physically, I could not handle the ride. I almost started wishing that I would have a heart attack, just so my suffering would end.
Steph had taken hold of my hand when we heard Ron say, “Over here!”
We went up in the air and we realized this was no kiddie ride. It was a simulation ride but all of the simulation rides I have been on pale in comparison to this one; then again, this was Universal Studios. One should probably expect an intense experience from them.
After the ride, Steph said we were probably no more than two feet off the ground the whole time, but it sure did not feel like it. The screen in front of us showed us in the air and flying very fast. The ride was moving sideways, which seemed to make it worse.
The seats were so thick that you could not see the person sitting next to you. You had to lean forward to see them. That fact seemed to make it worse for me, too. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that when our seats raised in the air, our feet were dangling freely to give the effect of being on a broom and hearing Hermine say, “They’re flying!”
At that point, I started reaching for anything I could hold onto. The terror was definitely in me at that point and I closed my eyes. I could hear the two girls in the seats next to mine screaming and that didn’t help either.
That is the point when one reaches inside himself or herself and takes hold of any kind of strength they have, mentally and psychologically. I opened my eyes and saw this creature in my face and closed them quickly. I felt a shaking and opened them again, seeing that this creature had grabbed hold of us and was shaking, turning and moving us all around. I closed my eyes again and heard Harry Potter yell, “Let them go!”
Well, of course, he could not let us down softly. My seat laid all the way back and my guess was that we were falling. This was when I closed my eyes, not to open them again, and started praying. My mind could not handle this ride and I knew I needed something much bigger than me and much bigger than any dragon, (or whatever it was).
I was not even sure what to ask for, so I started praying for all kinds of things having to do with being OK. Slowly, I started to calm down and within a few seconds, I remembered Steph was holding my hand and I started breathing deeply. My focus centered in on my seat and I could feel that the ride was calming down, with the seat barely moving. I concentrated hard on that and the fact that God was answering my prayer in a brilliant way. I was soooo thankful and glad that the Holy Spirit intervenes when the person does not have the words. And then, the ride was ending; I could not have been more thankful. An employee was there to help me off the ride; I guess he could tell I needed it. I probably looked a little green.
If it had not been for my faithful heavenly Father, always there for His children in a desperate hour of need, I probably would not have survived the ride or be here today to enjoy my 1000th view. Thank you so much for getting me through that terrible ordeal.

Jack the Ripper Fact-Fridays

The murderous rampage of Jack the Ripper struck terror in the hearts of everyone in London.  Even the queen in her castle was frightened.

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