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T Is For Theo (The Saboteur)

It’s another day of the 2012 A to Z Blogging Challenge and today’s letter is “T”. During this challenge, I have been talking about guinea pigs and a lot of times, my own. Today is no different. Theo’s name starts with a “T”, so there you go.
In the above photo, Theo is doing a really good job of giving me a, “please let me out to run around” face. He is very good at that. I deemed him-the saboteur, though. He does a great job of being cute and giving me a small squeak-not even a full squeak so I let him out-then he starts messing with my stuff.
He started wanting me to let him out because he saw that I let Nibbles out to run around. I finally decided to one day, when I needed to clean his cage. I thought, “Why not?”
As soon as he was out, he started chattering his teeth-something piggies do to one another right before a fight-and trotting around the cages-almost like he was announcing, “I’m the man!”
I was shocked; I thought he would be all cute and run around shyly-not at all.
We bought Theo in October, to be a cage mate for Nibbles because guinea pigs are social animals and need to other piggies to be with. This did not work out and Theo ended up in a cage by himself until Herbie was born. He and Nibbles could not get along. They fought, as in drawing blood fought. In fact, if you notice how the hair on the right side of his face sticks out and does not look right, that’s because of one of their fights. It never grew back right.
As far as his saboteuring, one day, I had Theo out while I cleaned his cage. He came up to my roll of paper towels and knocked them over. He let out three short squeaks and ran off. Another time, I had his droppings in the dust pan that I use to clean out the cages. He came over and walked around the dust pan until he had knocked them out onto the floor. He’s a rascal!
Well, I’ve talked too much already, so I need to go. Stay tuned for “U” and more to Theo’s story tomorrow.

S Is For Speckles

That is a photo of Speckles with her baby, Herbie, before he was weaned. Speckles is Anna’s favorite of Layla’s babies. Anna named her Speckles because of the speckles on her face. She is very sweet.
If I let her out of her cage while I clean it, she walks over my feet. I love it! She runs around for a while and comes back to see if I am finished. When we come up to her cage, she gets up on her hind legs for a few seconds while holding onto the bars with her front paws. She’s so sweet!
She was a very good mother to Herbie when he was born. She was very protective of him and fed him every few hours.
Here are a few pictures of Speckles being cool and cute-ideas from Anna-






Another Guinea Pig?!????

Life’s full of surprises. On Sunday morning, we found one before we left for church. I was in the kitchen making pancakes, which I don’t usually do on Sunday but I’ve been getting hungry before services get out, and decided to have a bigger breakfast. Anna kept calling my name, which was unusual for a Sunday morning-she’s usually tired and quiet.
“Mom!” She said again.
“What?!” I was a little annoyed because she was calling me while I was trying to get the batter to turn out right-I forgot we were almost out of milk.
“We have another guinea pig!”
I ran upstairs and there it was. A tiny, white baby guinea pig, with gold on its back.
I started freaking out. Anna laughed and said, “Mom, it’s OK.”
I didn’t feel so “OK”. My head was swirling and I felt like I was about to faint. You know that feeling, when you’re surroundings start looking “not real”, you’re head feels light, and you can’t feel the floor anymore?
Anna started talking again and I started listening, which brought me back to feeling fine. Well, not exactly fine but not about to faint. Terry came up the stairs and we all had a conversation but I can’t remember it. I think I said something about being in shock.
At first, I thought Nibbles, the babies’ father was the culprit. Here comes the part where I tell you about something I meant to tell you back in October.
Meet Theo!

We bought him on the same day that we gave one of the babies away. Terry said he didn’t plan it but I think he did because I was sad about giving the baby away and worried about Nibbles. He was in a cage by himself and wasn’t happy; guinea pigs are social creatures and need a cage mate.
I hated the name, at first. It was Terry’s idea when Anna was trying to figure out what to name him. Theodore was chosen because he’s “Theodorable!”. You can grunt and roll your eyes if you want. I probably would.
At some point during the day, I asked her if there was ever a time when she had the boys out with the girls. “Of course not!”
Then I asked her if there was ever a time when she had Theo out with Speckles. “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe, probably.”
I thought she was more responsible than that but when we first got Theo, I remember her putting him in the playpen with the girls because she thought they would play or something. Well, guess what happened? Two months later, this.

What’s even weirder is that we had a sermon on modern day stress. I think this a lesson for me to just trust God and to go with the flow. Normally, I hate it when things happen that I wasn’t prepared for. Terry’s parents used to come over with no notice and I hated that. I wanted to know they were coming. Sometimes, things like this really throw me for a loop.
Should we get the boys neutered? I hesitate because of the risk, since it’s surgery. Then again, how many more surprises will we get?

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