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The Letters Of John-Lesson 3

The Light and Love
*1 John 1-The Particulars
Walk-way of life vs 6 “darkness”
vs 7-walking in light, cleansing-associated with repentance
vs 8-not repentant-claims have no sin, no truth
vs 9-10-confessing, don’t confess-state of darkness

*1 John 2:1-11-The Overview
Us———Love brother

The Particulars
vs 1-2-Great balance, propitiation-high priest and sacrifice
vs3-4-idea of knowing Him and equating to obedience
vs 5-6-walking in Him, keeping His word, love of God, we become perfected
vs 7-11-loving brother-darkness-don’t-light-do
Hate, envy, jealousy-blinds us


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