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What Movies Would You Recommend To The Waltons

Over the past few weeks, I have been sick with a Bronchitis yucky thing. I am finally getting over it but in that time, I have had opportunities to sit in bed and watch tv. I found “The Waltons” and watched several episodes of that.
Did you ever watch it when you were a kid? That huge family happily living on the edge of poverty during The Depression and the beginning of WWII.
I started thinking about all the inventions, music, movies, books and tv shows that have come out since their time and wondered if we could bring them to our time, what movies would I show them, or what music but I can save that for another post. One thought was “The Lion King”, as we went to see it in 3D at the theater. What would they think of a movie in 3D and would they be singing along with “Hakuna Matata”?
My other thought was, “Oh, they’ve gotta see “Star Wars”!”. Jim Bob would love the flying vehicles, John Boy would love the fight between good and evil-and family.
What about you? If you could say to the Waltons, “Some great movies have come out since your time,” what would you recommend to them?
Would it be “Star Wars” or something like “The Godfather”? Or would you send them to see “Harry Potter” or “The Lord Of The Rings”? Or would you have them sit down to a good, old-fashioned “Bugs Bunny” episode or “Scooby Doo”? Or would you have them watch “The Twilight Zone” episode with William Shatner?
Send me your thoughts: I wanna know.


Where In The World Is Rockapella?

Holly Green
If you had kids that were small in the ’90s, or grandkids that were small, or you just liked to watch kids’ shows, you might remember a show called, “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?”
It was a game show with questions on geography and if you answered enough questions right, you found Carmen Sandiego and put her in jail for all the things she stole during her travels.
If you remember that show, you might remember Rockapella, the group that did the theme song for the show and said things like, “You’re welcome,” in A Capella-no instruments, just singing.
If you don’t remember Rockapella, you might remember them from a Folger’s commercial they did maybe about 10 years ago-it follows them from waking up in their apartments to singing in the street, which is how they were discovered, like this:

I read a post recently on a blog about LeVar Burton and when I went to the video link, I saw “Carmen Sandiego” on the page and watched some of their videos, bringing back good memories of when the kids were young. I went to their website and did you know that they have albums out? Who would have thunk? (I’m kidding, Roberta.)
I may have to get some. I have also found myself playing the Folger’s commercial just to hear the music. The following video had a drum solo with one of the members doing the sounds with his mouth. Truly weird and amazing! He said in an interview that he used to make sounds with his brother when they were kids and do shows. Now he makes money making those sounds with his mouth. So, to all you parents out there, who have kids that constantly make sounds for everything, maybe there’s an opportunity out there for them. ūüôā

Supernatural Season Finale

Holly Green
Day 21 of the 2011 Wordcount Blogathon and I am barely getting this blog post in. I know it is only 10:00 but I’ll be going to bed and and not really in the mood to do this but want to keep going with this blogathon.

I just saw the season finale of Supernatural, my favorite TV show. It came on last night, but we were having a party of sorts where my daughter had a friend over to spend the night.

For those of you who don’t watch the show. it is about two brothers, whose mother was killed by a demon in 1987 or so, when the older one was 5 years old and

Arthur and Merlin: The Rest of the Story

OK.  Today, I have to talk about a TV show because that is what is on my mind.  For the past couple of days, I have been trying to catch up on shows that I missed and the show I  have been watching is Merlin.

It takes place during the days of Arthur and Merlin but from a different perspective.  Merlin is a young man and Arthur is prince of Camelot because his father, Uther is still alive and king.  We are used to hearing stories about Arthur as king and Merlin as an old man and well-known sorcerer; however, this takes place before all of that happened.

It is fascinating to see Merlin so young and in training by Gaius, his mentor and court physician. ¬†It is also fascinating to see Merlin and Arthur so close in age and actually friends, although Merlin is Arthur’s servant. ¬†Arthur does not know that Merlin is a sorcerer because King Uther is strongly opposed to magic of any kind and will impose the death penalty for anyone caught using magic. ¬†It must be kept a secret. ¬†No one else knows about Merlin’s gift except for Gaius.

The writers of the show like to play on the irony of the situation by having Merlin come in to Arthur’s room and Arthur calling him a useless, incompetent servant, throwing his shirts and boots at Merlin ¬†for him to clean. ¬†You have to sit back and laugh because Arthur has no idea who he is ordering around and Merlin just does it with no attitude. ¬†Sometimes, Merlin will be gone trying to stop some sorcerer from killing the king, or something like that, and when he comes back to Arthur’s room, the first thing Arthur says is, “Where have you been? ¬†You’re so useless. ¬†I can never find you when I need you.”

Of course, Merlin cannot say, “Oh, I was just out saving your father’s life with one of my spells and almost got killed in the process.”

Merlin usually comes up with some lame excuse that just irritates Arthur; moreover, Arthur has no idea how many times Merlin has quietly whispered spells and saved him from dying.  Of course, he cannot tell him that, either.

Morgana is on the show also.  She was the evil, powerful sorceress that was always trying to kill Merlin, in the legend where he is an old man.  In the first season, she was good and having nightmares all of the time.  Gaius would give her a potion to make them stop but they always came back.  She eventually finds out that she is a sorceress and is being led astray by an evil mentor, Morgause, who wants to invade Camelot  and kill Uther.  As you guess, this is a secret also.  Uther thinks that Morgana can do no wrong, her being his adopted daughter but he would never believe it anyway.  The only ones who know that Morgana has turned evil are Merlin and Gaius.

Since Arthur has a servant, we can assume that Morgana has a servant also. ¬†That servant is…Guinevere. ¬†She likes Arthur and he likes her but they cannot say anything because Camelot would never go for it, nor would Uther, seeing that she is not of noble birth. ¬†They have had one date, where they expressed their feelings for each other but Guinevere insisted that he find someone else. ¬†She has told him a few times what a great king she believes he will be, greater than his father, and she knows this because she just knows. ¬†She truly believes in him.

Merlin goes to an old dragon, the last one, for advice and answers to impossible situations and he knows who Merlin is also, reminding him of his great destiny.

The show has a lot of dramatic episodes and plenty of humorous episodes also. ¬†Even in many of the more dramatic episodes, the writers always leave room for a little humor. ¬†Along with that, having a secret in the plot that someone must keep always grabs the viewer’s attention. ¬†Waiting for that moment of that certain person finding out is so fun. ¬†We have seen this before in stories or shows: on I Dream of Jeanie, we waited for Dr. Bellows to find out that Jeanie is a Jeanie, with Superman, we waited for Lois Lane to find out that Clark Kent was Superman, on Lost, we waited for several things-Sawyer to find out that Locke’s dad tried to kill him, Jack to find out that Sawyer met his dad and his dad was proud of him, we waited for the rest of the castaways to find out that Sun could speak English.

We never get tired of this, so we will wait for Arthur to find out that Merlin uses magic and has a great destiny because we already know that Arthur would never kill him.  If you have not seen the show, it comes on Fridays at 10/9 C on the SyFy channel.

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