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Interview With Grant James


I mentioned that I had an interview coming up. I apologize for the delay. Do you remember Mr. Gordy from Unsolved Mysteries? I posted a video earlier of a little girl, named Heidi Wyrick, who saw the ghost of Mr. Gordy, a man who died 40 years before. The story of Heidi and Mr. Gordy is being made into a movie, entitled “The Haunting in Georgia”, that will be shown on TV either on the SYFY channel or Chiller.

I met the man who plays Mr. Gordy on LinkedIn-crazy, right? I was so excited that I asked him for an interview, in which he was kind enough to provide. His name is Grant James-just rolls off your tongue, doesn’t it? So, without further ado, here is Grant James!

1)How long have you been acting?
How old are you in 2nd grade? But professionally right out of high school. That was 1953. I’m old!

2) How did you come upon this opportunity?
The way all professional actors get work. Agent sets up audition. Actor tries to dazzle Casting Director. Then tries to dazzle Director. This time it worked. It was a funny audition. Mr. Gordy has no lines! So the Director moved around with a hand-held camera saying things like,”Look frightening!”

3) Can you tell us what the movie is about?
I don’t want to spoil too much, but a family discovers their new house was once on the Underground Railroad – moving slaves from the south. There are LOTS of ghosts still hanging around. And some are not too friendly. It’s based on a true story.

4) Tell us about the role you play-Mr. Gordy.
He’s there throughout the film, scaring people away from the real danger. Heidi is the only one who sees him regularly, and actually befriends him.

5) So, Mr. Gordy is the good guy and the Shadowman is the bad guy?
As I said, I don’t want to spoil too much. But, yes……

6)Is the movie true to the real instance or is it fictionalized?
Like any film “Based On True Events”a number of liberties were taken with the true story. But the basics are there.

7) You had the chance to meet Heidi, herself. What was that like?
Astounding! I was standing outside my dressing room, and she walked up to me and said, “You’re Mr. Gordy!” Talk about getting chills! We did a lot of laughing and hugging.

8) She’s 26 now, you said. Did she say if she is still seeing ghosts?
She no longer sees ghosts. I guess the reason she did was satisfied in this encounter. Kids are still open enough to experience these things. I’m kinda sorry we grow more sophisticated.

9) Do you normally do scary movies or movies about ghosts?
I do whatever is there to do. I LIKE scary films a lot. I think they serve a real purpose. In my never-to-be-considered-humble opinion, most of us walk around a little scared all the time. In a scary movie, you can let some of those feelings out without being embarrassed. And besides, they’re fun to do. Check me out on IMDb, and you’ll find films like Monster Wolf, The Devil’s Gravestone, The Bells of Innocence, etc.

10) You had mentioned to me about seeing a ghost in your house as a child. Can you tell us about her?
I called her, The Little Woman. We lived in a very old house on Connecticut. I’d often see her in silouette at the end of a long hallway. Remember, I was very young, so the hallway might not have been that long. And, just like Heidi in “Haunting”, my parents thought I was making up an imaginary friend.

11) Was she scary? Did she do anything to you?
She wasn’t the least bit scary. I tried many times to catch her, but she was always gone. I guess she had other things to do.

Does this help? I probably should say that I do believe in ghosts – whatever they are. When I see the whole range of light,and how little of it we actually see, and the whole range of sound, and how little of it we actually hear, I have to believe there is a whole lot around here we don’t know about, and yet bump into every day.

Check out Grant James on the cable networks right now in “The Devil’s Gravestone”, where he plays a scientist, trying to find a cure for vampires. Go Mr. James!
Thank you so much for doing this interview.

Exciting Interview Coming Up…

Did you ever see the TV show Unsolved Mysteries?  I used to love that show.  One episode was about a little girl, named Heidi, who could see and play with people who had passed on, including a Mr. Gordy…

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