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Jack The Ripper Fact-Fridays

Ripper suspect, Queen Victoria’s grandson, may have followed King Edward VII to the throne but sadly, he died of Influenza during the epidemic of 1891-1892. Other sources say he died of Typhoid Fever. And then, there is the rumor that he died of Syphilis. No one is sure how he died but many rumors surround his death.
Prince Albert Victor was engaged to be married to Princess May of Teck but died before they could be married.
Princess May of Teck would go on to marry his brother, George Duke of York, and become the Queen Mary.


Jack The Ripper Fact: Fridays

Ripper suspect-Prince Albert Victor, grandson of Queen Victoria, has an alibi for several of the murder dates. shows that he was not in town on these dates:
August 31-Polly Nichols is murdered. Prince Albert was staying with Viscount Downe at Danby Lodge in Yorkshire from August 29-September 7.

September 8-Annie Chapman is murdered. Prince Albert was at the Calvary Barracks in York from September 7-10.

September 30-Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes are murdered. Prince Albert was in Abergeldie, Scotland from September 27-30. Queen Victoria happened to provide evidence when she recorded in her journal that she had lunch with him on September 30.

November 1-Prince Albert arrives in London from York.

November 9-Mary Kelly is murdered. Prince Albert was in Sandringham from November 2-12.

Jack The Ripper Fact-Fridays

Prince Albert Victor, grandson of Queen Victoria, and Ripper suspect, was rumored to have been mentally retarded, partially as he was growing up. It is also said he was a “slow” child because he needed a tutor while he attended Cambridge.
None of these rumors have been proven but because of them, he was ridiculed, sort of like Michael Jackson was, when he was living.

Jack The Ripper Fact-Fridays

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Ripper suspect, Prince Albert Victor was the grandson of Queen Victoria. A few rumors surround his involvement in the murders but says that he did not become a suspect until 1962 when a book called Jack The Ripper: A to Z, was published.
According to one of my research books, Jack The Ripper: The Casebook, by Richard Jones, he contracted “syphilis of the brain” and went insane, consequently going on a rampage of the East End. His experience as a deer hunter would have given him the medical knowledge he needed; however, no hard evidence exists to support this or any theory that he was The Ripper.

Jack The Ripper Fact-Fridays

The day that probable victim, Elizabeth Stride was murdered, Dr. Barnardo visited the lodging house where she lived. He had taken to street preaching and talked to the women and girls about saving the children from common lodging houses and the street. He said that the girls and women were, “thoroughly frightened” and one woman mentioned how no one cared about a prostitute’s safety.
Upon seeing Elizabeth Stride’s body, he immediately recognized her as one of the women from the lodging house, earlier that day.
(Fact taken from

Jack The Ripper Fact-Fridays

Ripper victim, Elizabeth Stride claimed that her husband and children were killed when a saloon steam ship, the Princess Alice collided with another ship in 1878. Legal documents, however show that her husband died in 1884.
She also claimed to have injured her palate while trying to escape the ship but the autopsy showed no damage to her hard or soft palate. She told this story to the Swedish church when asking for money. Evidently, it worked and they gave her the money.

Jack The Ripper Fact-Fridays

Probable victim of the Ripper, Elizabeth Stride, was born in Sweden on a farm called Stora Tumlehed in Torslanda parish, north of Gothenburg. She came to London, England in 1866. Her nickname was “Long Liz” because she was 5′ 5″ tall, which made her taller than most of the women of her time.

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